Planning for retirement is likely to be the most decisions in your personal finance plans. The Government changes the rules around retirement often. When to retire? How much money will I need? What about my future travel and spending plans? I have older plans, which don’t make sense. What are my options?

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    So how well funded are your retirement income plans for later life? What about the possibility of requiring care in your own home or in a care setting? The average cost of care in the UK today is £47K per annum. Have you factored that into your retirement plan? Don’t worry, our retirement specialists take all of the changes in demographics into account when helping you to work through your retirement planning. Call Assured Wealth and Estate Planning today to book a FREE and impartial review.

    Retirement planning is complicated, with so many different ways of saving for retirement and subsequently taking your retirement income as tax efficiently as possible.  You may have several different pension schemes:

    • SIPP
    • SASS
    • Section 32
    • COMP
    • CIMP
    • Personal Pension
    • Stakeholder
    • Retirement annuity contract
    • Endowment etc.

    Each will come with a different forecast.  You may well have a, buy-to-let property/properties, or even a final salary scheme.  Will all of the income from these schemes be enough?  How can you tell?  Our planners show you how to make sense of all the plans.  When to take each one, how to take them and how to reduce or illuminate any income tax or Capital Gains (CGT) that may be due.  Getting advice early is key.



Financial Planning is at the forefront of our advice process here at Assured Wealth. Having an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) work through and develop your own tailored lifetime cash-flow plan, can allow you to plan effectively for your financial future.

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    A cash-flow plan is a detailed report that shows you how much money you will earn and spend each year up to age 100 (if you are lucky enough to live to that age!). It takes into account all the things you wish to do in life (your bucket list) and shows the effect of doing those things on income in later life. It will also identify shortfall in protection should one of the family die, become ill or disabled during their lifetime. So start living the life you have always wanted and book a review today.

    The report runs a “Montecarlo” simulation looking at the worst case scenario for your investments (interest rate and inflation rate changes) and gives you an overview of all those risks and how to overcome them.

    It’s great for scenario building. So when you see your financial future laid out in front of you each year, you may ask what will happen if I retire two years earlier? What if we buy a home overseas? What if we give away a property now to our children? What if I take the redundancy package from work now? How these all play out are possible from this detailed report.

    To see a copy of the report, simply complete the request by entering your details in below.



The UK mortgage market offers new deals every day. With so many new offers on mortgage rates available and the choice of charges for setting up your deal, choosing the right one can be a minefield. Our advisers run a fully independent mortgage comparison for you, showing you all of the available options.

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    Simply looking for the lowest headline rate may cost you more in real terms over the life of the deal. So if you want to make sure you’re getting the best deal in the marketplace that is right for your own circumstances, contact the adviser team at Assured Wealth today.

    In finding the best mortgage deal for yourself, you have three decisions to make:

    Decision one:  Do you opt for repayment or interest only?
    There are lots of things to think about here and it’s not as straight forward as it may seem at first.

    Decision two:
     Do you then opt for fixed rate or variable rate?

    This generally depends upon your outlook and how much flexibility you have in income each month.  The risk of rates rising from their current levels may catch quite a few families out.  Can you afford for your mortgage payment to rise by 5% each month?  If yes, then variable may be your best option.

    Decision three: 
    What length of mortgage should I chose?

    When do you plan to stop working?  Do you want to pay the mortgage back early and use surplus mortgage payments for travel in later life?  By understanding your goals in life, this will make this decision easier.

    To help you to explore all of your options we offer an independent mortgage advice service.  Contact Assured Wealth and Estate Planning today to book a FREE review or find out more information by visiting the personal mortgage advice page of our website.



If you have children under the age of 16, your will should determine who would look after them in the event of your death. This is classed as the guardianship clause within your will.

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    If you have property or other assets over the value of £5,000, then your valid and up-to-date will should express to your family and loved ones, what you want to happen after your death.

    Is your will up to date and does it represent your wishes for your assets and your children upon your death? Call Assured Wealth and Estate Planning to discuss how we can help.

    Within your will, you nominate those people you trust the most to carry out your wishes.  They are your executors and trustees of your estate.  These people will carry out all the practical things after your death.  You will also appoint guardians for young children.  These will be the people who will bring up your children as you would have wished until they reach an age when they can make their own decisions in life.

    You can nominate gifts to loved ones and ensure that your wishes regarding the distribution of your estate are known.  You can even begin to protect property, mitigate Inheritance Tax and protect vulnerable or young beneficiaries using trusts within your will.

    Without an up to date, valid will you leave behind an uncertainty, more costs and the law will dictate how your estate is distributed.  You will effectively have no say. 

    • How would you feel if your spouse/partner became impoverished because you didn’t make a will?
    • How would you feel if social services put your children into care because you didn’t make a valid will?
    • How would you feel if your family had to pay excessive legal fees because you didn’t make a will?
    We can answer, reassure and advise you on the following:
    • How can I avoid the state getting my life savings once I am gone?
    • How can I avoid leaving uncertainties for my family to sort out?

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