Altrincham Corporate Financial Planning

Altrincham Corporate Financial Planning

Could your business survive if it a key member of your team was lost? What implications would there be in the short and long term?

What resources do you have in place to make sure sales would continue to be generated and that contracts were still won or renewed? Would your business have sufficient resources to recover – or even to continue to trade at all? Would you be able to effectively recruit a new key player?

The majority of businesses have never thought about these questions. If they have, many more have not put a proper plan in place.

Do you need some help to develop your Altrincham corporate financial planning plan?

Altrincham Business Financial Planning

Altrincham Business Financial Planning

Our Altrincham corporate financial planning advisers offer a number of business protection solutions, including:

    • Protecting the business from the early death or illness of a major shareholder or key person.
    • Shareholder protection agreements.
    • Private medical insurance.
    • Commercial insurance.

We talk to our clients about an exit strategy, to help them put their retirement income plans in place and to help them to increase the net asset value of the business to the price they need to sell it at.

  • Business property and entrepreneur relief.
  • Investing business profits effectively.
  • Exit strategy planning.
  • Financial planning for employees facing redundancy.
  • Workplace pensions: advice; implementation; costing and education for employees
Corporate Financial Planning Altrincham

Corporate Financial Planning Altrincham

Stop guessing about your business’s financial future and begin planning so you can see how all your personal income and assets will to help you live the life you want in your retirement. Take away worries about your future by planning ahead.

Your initial one-hour Altrincham corporate financial planning review session with a member of our Altrincham IFA team is completely FREE and without obligation.

Speak to one of our Altrincham retirement planning and Altrincham financial planning specialists today on 0161 464 9122.

Retirement saving for the self-employed

A study by the Institute for Fiscal Studies found that only 16% of the UK’s business owners, freelancers and sole traders have a pension.

Self employed retirement planning
This statistic means that there are more than 3.5 million self-employed workers that do not have any savings for later on in life.

While lots of people are opting to work for themselves, due to the many benefits it presents, being self-employed also has its downsides.  Those who are employed can boost their retirement savings through auto enrolment – a scheme which requires companies to enrol their staff into a workplace pension and contribute towards it.  For the self-employed, however, saving for retirement isn’t quite as easy with many people put off by excessive administration, variable incomes, too much jargon and the time and effort that needs to be invested.

The good news is there are options out there for business owners and the self-employed – and you can also get a 25% tax top up from the UK Government.

When choosing a pension plan it’s important to think about the following factors:

Charges: Make note of any charges on pension plans and these will reduce the amount that is in your savings pot

Flexibility: Month to month your income may vary so it could be a good idea to look at plans which offer flexibility when it comes to minimum payments

Choice: Some plans offer more choices than others when it comes to investments.  Look at the options available and consider how they will help you grow your pension savings

Convenience: Once you’ve set your pension up it’s important to keep track of how it’s performing.  Check whether providers give you access to monitor and manage it easily.

If you want to save time and take the stress out of setting up a pension plan, we are here to help.  One of our pension experts will work with you to discuss your options and help you choose the one that works best.  Arrange your free consultation to get started.

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UK Government confirms the minimum private pension age to rise to 57 from age 55, in 2028

The UK Government has confirmed the minimum private pension age will increase from 55 to 57 in 2028.

It announced the increase back in 2014 but did not include provisions in legislation for it to be implemented.

MP Stephen Timms, who heads the work and pensions select committee, asked about the government’s plans regarding the increase in parliament. 

Responding to the questions, economic secretary to the Treasury John Glen said: “In 2014 the government announced it would increase the minimum pension age to 57 from 2028, reflecting trends in longevity and encouraging individuals to remain in work, while also helping to ensure pension savings provide for later life.”

Commenting on the news Aegon pensions director Steven Cameron says: “The government has confirmed it is to proceed with an increase in the age at which people can access their pension. Currently, under the hugely popular pension freedoms, individuals can access their pension from age 55. This is to increase to age 57 from 2028.

“The government did indicate back in 2014 its intention to do this, but didn’t include provisions in legislation, leading to uncertainty over whether the change was still planned. This latest announcement confirms the change will happen meaning those retiring in future will have to wait longer to access their pension. It will be particularly impactful on those who were due to reach their 55th birthday just after the cut off, sometime in 2028.

“It’s now imperative that both government and industry make sure this change is clear to all those saving in pensions. We can’t afford a repeat of the Government communication gaps which left many women to find out too late that their state pension age was increasing from 60 to 65.”

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As a Business Owner you need to protect your business interests – How does a Lasting Power of Attorney do just that?

Most people understand the benefits of a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA):

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