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    There is a lot to take into account when planning for retirement. Do you know whether you are entitled to a state pension, or a company pension? Do you know how much they will pay – and increase by – year on year? To make sure that you have sufficient cash for retirement, we need to forecast these figures and make a plan of how much to save each month. Book a free Appleton retirement planning review today by calling our friendly Appleton IFA or Warrington IFA team on 01925 396122 or fill out the retirement planning contact form on this page. 

    Is your retirement planning on track?

    If you paid into old pensions but can not remember the details, we can help you to track them down. These small pots of money grow in value and can help make a better retirement for you and your family.

    You may not have realised but the first five years of retirement are the most expensive. On average, you will spend £205 a month more as you use more gas and electricity and socialise more. You also must factor in an inflation rate of up to about 5 percent.

    Arranging a pension is a minefield, and most of us do no have the time, energy or skills to do it effectively. You need an expert who can make sense of it all, and cut through the noise to make everything clear and understandable.


    In April 2015, pensions freedoms were introduced. You can now access your pension from the age of 55 but with the average life expectancy now in the mid-80s will the money last you that long? You must carefully calculate the outcomes if you live till 90 before taking money out early.


    Is your pension plan confusing?


    We can take the stress and hassle away, cut through the jargon and show you what income you will get, and when. This will help you to make the right decisions today for a brighter tomorrow.


    We have #retirement-planning specialists ready to help you. To find out more about Assured Wealth & Estate Planning Solutions Appleton Mortgage Advisors, Appleton financial advice or Warrington financial advice, call us on 01925 396122.

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