Back To School Frenzy

Back To School Frenzy
Workers and kids have been going Back to School in England and Wales this month. Facebook has been filled to the brim with photos of little people in front of doors and fireplaces, dressed up in their new uniforms (which will be crumpled and covered in mud or paint by the end of the week!)

Back to School – Saving for Youngsters with Assured Wealth

Prince George also started school this week, at a £18,000 a year preparatory school. But even if your local school fees are not quite to the same level as the Windsors can afford, they are still a major driver for saving for both parents and grandparents. As well as school fees, you can save for your young ones’ futures by investing in life insurance, preparing a will and saving into their Junior ISA. Junior ISAs are a good way to save money without the burden of tax even for those of us for whom private school fees are out of reach.  Even saving just £50 a month, over 18 years period, could build a pot of about £16,000 if returns average 4% after fees.

Assured Wealth and Estate Planning Solutions

Here at Assured Wealth and Estate Planning, we understand how hard it can be to understand all of the financial products that are available. One of our Independent Financial Advisers could be just what you need to untangle the confusing web of jargon and find the right financial product for you. From making a will to arranging lasting power of attorney in the event of you losing capacity – we can help with it all.

Make Your Money Work with an IFA

If you want to make your money work harder and build a financial future for your offspring or grandchildren, then contact us for further information on our services. Your financial future is assured when you choose Assured Wealth and Estate Planning as your trusted advisers.

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