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Should you worry as an investor now we have left Europe?

Most people seem to have woken this morning hearing the news that the UK has voted to leave the European Union with shock.  The currency markets certainly seem to have been surprised. But what does it mean for an investor leaving Europe? Get professional Brexit investment advice from Knutsford financial advisers.



At midnight last night, the pound was trading at $1.46 to then have fallen to $1.32 at 4.15am.  As we write, the pound has rallied to $1.39 at 9a.m.

The world markets have reacted to the news with the FTSE 100 share index falling from 6259 at midnight, to 6054 at 4.52am.


Is Brexit Investment Advice Really Needed

Have we seen all this before though?  The answer for currency and market turmoil is quite clearly yes.

Let’s look at the last two serious market corrections.  March 2003, the FTSE 100 fell to a low point of 3613 and in March 2009, the same market hit a low of 3926.

Even at today’s prices of 6054, the return on the 2009 valuation is 35% cumulative.

There will of course, be more turbulence in the months and year ahead, but what is key for investors now is not to panic and sell assets unless they need to.  Certainly, don’t sell if they are selling for less than they purchased.

Investing in global markets should be taken as a long-term strategy and markets have and will go up and down in relation to UK and international events. Unsure of what to do next? Talk to a professional Knutsford IFA so you can make informed decisions. 
In terms of the UK (pound), the Governor of the Bank Of England has stated that the bank is well capitalised and will support the pound in global markets.

If you find yourself in this situation, there are alternatives that are only available via Brexit investment advice professionals.  Contact our Knutsford financial planning team today, to see how you can get back the lost income from falling rates on the high street.

This blog about Brexit investment advice is for information purposes only and should not be relied upon for advice.  If you need to speak to an adviser about your investments or attitude to risk, then contact our adviser team here at Assured Wealth and Estate Planning.

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