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Protecting People In Your Business

Protecting People In Your BusinessThe old age adage that a business is only as valuable as its employees is an important one to have to remember when it comes to insurance. Protecting people in your business is essential and this guide to the financial protection for the people that make your business success is sure to help you.

A companies workforce is one of the most important investments it will make & choosing the right insurance package is a crucial way of protecting that investment. Changes to your workforce can have dramatic effects on a business’ ability to operate, from removing key expertise to inadvertently damaging important relationships.

A tailored business insurance policy will offer both the wider business and the individual employees financial protection in the face of unforeseen occurrences.

Money Management March 2017

Money Management March 2017  report government measures that will distort childcare costs with a family earning the national average spends up to 1/3 of their net income on childcare costs, according to the IEA (Institute of Economic Affairs).

Money Management March 2017The government currently spends well over £7 billion a year on childcare benefits. The IEA claims that current government subsidies, such as the free hour’s entitlement, have distorted childcare prices & made childcare much more expensive. 

As well as pushing childcare prices up, the IEA believes that government interventions have significantly reduced parental choice & not produced an improvement in childcare quality.

Len Shackleton, editorial and research fellow at the Institute of Economic Affairs, said:

“Regulation has led to an excessive formalisation of childcare & preschool, which has not only pushed up the subsequent costs but paid scant attention to parental choices.

“Many families may not wish to partake in the structural form of preschool that the government requires as standard.”

Business protection – the essential insurance policies you need to protect your business.

Business Protection

The lowdown on the essential insurance policies you need to protect your business.

Because of the lack of business protection, every year businesses are threatened by unforeseen events that interrupt operations in the short-term and jeopardise their futures in the long-term.
Business Protection

Business Protection

What would happen if your offices were hit by an unexpected storm tomorrow morning? What if your creative director was struck down by a tropical disease while on holiday? We realise that these examples are a little extreme, but they serve to illustrate a point – how would your business continue to operate should it suffer a sudden, unforeseen setback?

By identifying the potential risks to your business and acting accordingly, you can ensure that any threats to your operations are mitigated.

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