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Onshore and offshore investments

This blog explores the difference between onshore and offshore investments and the relative merits of each.

Offshore investments

Offshore investments


Millions of pounds flow in and out of the UK every day as people take advantage of the global market place
for goods, services and investments.  Thanks to the global communications revolution, a person with money to invest can now look far beyond the borders of their country of residence for opportunities.   But we do not live in a truly global system, and no transfer of money is ever completely free.  States still require their citizens to pay tax and are increasingly turning their attention to those who are trying to avoid their tax obligations by moving their money abroad.   So how can someone take advantage of what the world has to offer while still remaining on the right side of UK law?

Financial Services for your business

Financial Services for your business

Would your business benefit from a brand new revenue stream?  Do you operate in the professional services sector: accountancy; stock broking; tax advice; property management; estate agency; business protection or security; legal services or similar sectors?  If the answer is yes, why not offer financial planning and associated services to your clients too?  There are no costly set-up fees, no regulatory issues, and no training or compliance issues to deal with. We do all the hard work for you.  

Financial Services

Financial Services

Here at Assured Wealth and Estate Planning we work with numerous professional services companies offering a bespoke “White labeled” financial planning (IFA) arm for them.

We take care of:

  • Recruitment and training of an IFA for your practice (if needed)
  • Compliance
  • Regulatory approval (FCA)
  • Stationary and leaflets
  • Marketing support each month
  • Client communications
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • E-mail marketing
  • Dedicated service team for your clients needs
  • Technical Para planning
  • Independent product research
  • Website development and S.E.O. to help drive traffic to your new IFA arm
  • Joint seminars
  • Client education workshops on personal finance 

Our lifetime cashflow reports allow your clients to make life changing decisions: take redundancy; sell their business; gift money to children now rather than later in life, move to their forever home.  They can do this safe in the knowledge that their money will not run out.  How? With a detailed cashflow report allowing them to make multiple decisions and see how each play out before spending the money, or making the decisions.

We work in Partnership with you, to help your clients manage their finances and help them to plan for their futures.  We are fully regulated within the UK and operate a truly independent service so your clients get fully impartial advice.

We offer a remuneration scheme for your business depending upon the level of support you require.

We run successful: 

  • Seminars
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Workplace training for employers and employees – explaining how tax and National Insurance works, what level of life cover they may need, how to budget, how to manage their finances.  

Our client advice philosophy is different to that of our competitors.  See our Video for more information.

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