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Corporate Mortgage Advice Knutsford

In most recent studies many business owners say that their biggest challenge with regards to their business is growth and expansion – they say that this is often extremely difficult because of the lack of funding and complexity of securing new premises or renovating existing premises.

As a business owner, you want to ensure that your business is constantly thriving and doing the most it can to stay ahead of the competition. That is why it is crucial that you utilise a Knutsford Independent Financial Adviser (Knutsford IFA) so that you can get professional and unbiased Knutsford corporate mortgage advice on your business premises whether it is new or existing premises.

Corporate Retirement Planning Warrington

Warrington corporate retirement planning, what does it really mean to you the business owner?

When it comes to retirement planning, your first solution for your employees should be a suitable workplace pension scheme.  Under the new rules, the employer is responsible for setting up and implementing a workplace pension for all employees.  You will then have to contribute and make employee contributions for all eligible employees and maintain records of such indefinitely.  To find out more in-depth information about workplace pensions, click here

In terms of the directors and shareholders retirement planning there are lots of opportunities to fund your retirement and indeed reduce your corporation tax.  These are highlighted here:

Warrington Corporate Mortgage Advice

Are you considering taking out any form of corporate commercial lending to finance your company? Most business owners go direct to their high street banks (lenders) as they tend to have a long standing relationship with them. However, we help to find tailored solutions from lenders across the whole marketplace.

These solutions can be tailored towards your business needs and offer greater flexibility than a rigid off the shelf solution offered by the high street lenders. Contact our independent commercial lending team at Assured Wealth and Estate Planning to find out more.

Corporate Financial Planning Warrington

When it comes to Warrington corporate financial planning, our financial advisers offer help and advice on all things business related.

Corporate Financial Planning

Corporate Financial Planning

How well would your business operate without a key person or Director.  Would you have the resources to recover, or continue to trade.  How would you be able to recruit and possibly relocate a new key person?

Corporate Financial Adviser Warrington

What does a Warrington corporate financial adviser do for my business?

Getting the right advice for your business may come from many different sources.  Having a Financial Planner working with you can really make a big difference.  Our planners will ask you the toughest question first.  “When and how will you leave this business?”  Is this through a sale or a buyout, or is it going to be handed down to someone in the family?  How do you know?  When will this happen?  What net sale figure will you receive for all your hard work and endeavour over the years?

Our process starts there as this will form the basis of our advice process.  The process will show you how to make the most of the time you spend in the business.  Once you know your “number”, the gross valuation you need to sell your business and have a happy retirement, then everything you should be doing with the business works backwards from this point.

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