Back To School Frenzy

Back To School Frenzy
Workers and kids have been going Back to School in England and Wales this month. Facebook has been filled to the brim with photos of little people in front of doors and fireplaces, dressed up in their new uniforms (which will be crumpled and covered in mud or paint by the end of the week!)

FREE Money Management Financial Advice programme for children and young adults across the North West

Our team of Warrington Independent Financial Advisers at Assured Wealth work as part of the free money management financial advice programme.  They give up their time to work with young adults in schools, colleges and universities across the North West of England.  

Mark Jones the MD said: “We do not charge schools to operate this project.  The lessons offer key learning skills as part of PSHE Financial Capability”.

Employee motivation and their basic motivational need for financial security

All businesses need to keep their employees motivated in the work they do.  After all, increasing productivity is an issue for the whole of the UK.  As a business, it’s difficult to know what motivational factor is the best one to use for your employees to increase productivity.  Is it: financial reward; recognition; training; project development; promotion; being part of a team; or even the up skilling others?

It may be some or all of these aspects at some stage of an employee’s life.  Finding the right balance and being able to afford this as a business is very difficult.

Employee Motivation – A Human Motivation Theory

Abraham Harold Maslow
developed a theory called:  The Hierarchy of needs

Financial capability

Employee Motivation

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