Dying Without A Valid Will

Dying Without A Valid Will
Dying without a valid will… How intestacy rules can affect your beneficiaries…

It’s easy to assume your property and possessions will automatically go to loved ones when you die, but in reality, this is seldom the case.

Thousands of people die every year without making a will, without properly drafting one or where the execution of the will fails to meet certain legal requirements.

This results in a situation known as intestacy, where usually a family member picks up the pieces and takes on the often strenuous task of processing your estate.

If you die without making a valid will, your estate – including all your money, property and possessions will be divided according to the law and not your wishes. Those laws differ slightly between the countries in the UK, although the principles are similar.

Here Come A.I. And The Bots!

A.I. & Bots

A.I. has been firmly on the agenda in the world of finance. At a recent conference, the Product Editor of Wired magazine was unimpressed with today’s early options like Amazon’s Alexa. But in five years from now, it is expected that this technology will be pervasive and “conversational A.I.” will be the way we help with our finances. Until then, an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) is still your best bet, and even in the near future, we do not expect to see many people using a robot to make choices about their family’s financial future!

What Is Inheritance Tax?

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax is paid on money, property and assets (known as the “estate”) that is left by an individual when they die. It may also have to be paid on gifts that are made during that person’s lifetime. You do not usually have to pay tax on other chattels you may receive from a deceased person’s estate.

Back To School Frenzy

Back To School Frenzy
Workers and kids have been going Back to School in England and Wales this month. Facebook has been filled to the brim with photos of little people in front of doors and fireplaces, dressed up in their new uniforms (which will be crumpled and covered in mud or paint by the end of the week!)

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