What are the protection options for individuals?

Financial Planning Options

When it come to protecting yourself and your family against the financial costs of illness, injury, unemployment and death, you need to understand what financial planning options you have. In this blog we look at what’s available.



Protecting your family’s financial future against a sudden and unexpected loss of income, a solution can be found in insurance.

Whether you’re concerned about serious illness, redundancy or loss of life, insurance policies can safeguard an income for you and your loved ones.

Business protection – the essential insurance policies you need to protect your business.

Business Protection

The lowdown on the essential insurance policies you need to protect your business.

Because of the lack of business protection, every year businesses are threatened by unforeseen events that interrupt operations in the short-term and jeopardise their futures in the long-term.
Business Protection

Business Protection

What would happen if your offices were hit by an unexpected storm tomorrow morning? What if your creative director was struck down by a tropical disease while on holiday? We realise that these examples are a little extreme, but they serve to illustrate a point – how would your business continue to operate should it suffer a sudden, unforeseen setback?

By identifying the potential risks to your business and acting accordingly, you can ensure that any threats to your operations are mitigated.

Managing your Money – October 2015

When it comes to managing your money there are lot’s of things to consider, this month we look at:

A fifth of business owners feel they can’t take a day off.

New national minimum wage rates come into effect from 1 October.

Research has found that almost two thirds of adults don’t have insurance.

The majority of people under 35 have already started planning their retirement.

Managing your money

Managing your money

Money Management Update – Knutsford Financial planning knowledge

Money Management Update – July 2015 and Knutsford Financial planning knowledge

In this month’s update, we focus on:

Retirees spend almost a third of their income on direct and indirect taxes.

There is a gap of more than £30,000 between the average life insurance policy payout and average mortgage debt.

Despite the introduction of greater pension flexibility in April 2015, pension savers plan to take just over a quarter of their pension pot as a cash lump sum.

A third of workers are not eligible for company sick pay.

Assured Wealth and Estate Planning believe in giving you the knowledge to manage your affairs more effectively.  Good advice does not look like this:

Financial Planning advice

Financial Planning advice

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