Protecting People In Your Business

Protecting People In Your BusinessThe old age adage that a business is only as valuable as its employees is an important one to have to remember when it comes to insurance. Protecting people in your business is essential and this guide to the financial protection for the people that make your business success is sure to help you.

A companies workforce is one of the most important investments it will make & choosing the right insurance package is a crucial way of protecting that investment. Changes to your workforce can have dramatic effects on a business’ ability to operate, from removing key expertise to inadvertently damaging important relationships.

A tailored business insurance policy will offer both the wider business and the individual employees financial protection in the face of unforeseen occurrences.

Changes To Non Dom Taxation

Changes To Non Dom TaxationA guide to the important changes to the tax treatment of non-doms in 2017.

For many years individuals who come to the UK but do not settle here permanently have had a number of distinct tax benefits.

These UK resident but non-domiciled (non-dom) individuals have had to pay UK tax on income and gains made in the UK and have had the ability to choose that those made overseas are only taxed brought into the UK.

This is, however, likely to change in April 2017 when the government introduces changes to the non-dom status laws.

These changes could significantly affect an individual’s tax position, so what exactly is changing?

The non-domiciled tax status has been a feature of the UK tax system since 1914 , allowing individuals from abroad to contribute their share before returning home.

Money Management February 2017

Money Management February 2017 reports 
young adults are saving more money than other generations, according to Opinium.

Money Management February 2017Those aged 18 – 34 saved on average £3,701 in 2016, £450 higher than the baby boomer generation (£3,238) and generation X (£3,266).

78% of adults put money into their savings in 2016, while 20% made regular monthly saving deposits.

When asked for the main reasons they save, 14% said it was beneficial to their pension pot, while 18% want to purchase a home.

Your Guide To Saving For Your Child’s Future

Taking the decision to start a family is a major turning point in life. Raising a child not only involves a great deal of responsibility but can have huge implications for your financial situation.

In fact, LV estimates that parents will spend an average of £231,843 on a child in the first 21 years of his or her life, up £2,500 from 2015.

Ensuring that you can cover the day-to-day costs is likely to take priority when you first start a family.

However, making sure that you safeguard your child’s financial future is equally important.

Long-term planning is key, and being aware of your financial options will put you in a much better position to help your child save for the future.

There are some different financial products you can use to your child’s advantage. Consider your priorities and your short and long-term goals when deciding on your strategy. Here are some things to consider when planning saving for your child’s future.

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