Commercial Lending Altrincham

The owners of small and growing businesses sometime need a little extra help to keep track of their finances and to manage a multitude of payments from their clients. A range of business financial products is available to meet those needs from Assured Wealth. These include leasing, invoice finance, overdraft replacement and a selection of business loans. Business loans may be secured or unsecured, and are possible over either a short or long term. We have a dedicated Altrincham Commercial Lending team, who have a whole host of experience across many different industries. Our Altrincham IFA can provide professional advice and make recommendations to enable your business to make the right financial choice. 


Assured Wealth can work together with you, to create tailored leasing packages. These can allow you to grow your business’s financial sales opportunities, or you could lease business equipment. 

Business Loans 

Business loans offer a flexible opportunity to increase your working capital for expansion, financing new asset purchases or single planned or unexpected business expenses. 

Unsecured, short-term business loans will suit you if your Altrincham business is in need of: 

Increased space

Staff expansions

Additional equipment or machinery

Additional money to support a marketing campaign

Cash flow relief 

Unsecured loans 

You choose how much you need to borrow, and for how long. We examine your business and make a bespoke offer with a clear and concise schedule of planned payments. This is all provided before you decide whether or not to accept, allowing you to make an informed choice.

Overdraft facilities 

If your Altrincham business needs to take another look at its overdraft facilities, you may want to consider our simple overdraft replacement service instead. 

Invoice finance 

Invoice finance is a means of borrowing against the business’s sales ledger. It quickly pumps cash into the business and allows for ongoing access to working capital. It can reduce short-term cash flow problems by providing a proportion of the total amount owed on outstanding invoices and serves to close the time gap between invoices being sent out and payment being received. 

Altrincham Commercial Lending Services

All of these Altrincham commercial lending services and more are available from Assured Wealth Altrincham IFA, and can be designed for any size business, no matter what your individual needs might be. Choose a flexible solution for your companies finance, and free up your cash flow.

Contact a member of our Altrincham corporate financial adviser and finance lending team today, to get your Altrincham business on the right track:

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