Warrington Corporate Financial Planning

Warrington Corporate Financial Planning

Could your business survive if a key member of the corporate team was lost? What implications would there be over the short and long term?

What resources would you be able to put in place to make sure sales were still generated and contracts continued to be won or renewed? Would you have enough resources to recover – or even to continue to trade at all? Would you be able to effectively and quickly recruit the right new key player?

Many businesses have never given any consideration to this process. Even if they have, some have still not put a proper plan in place.

Do you need some help to develop a Warrington corporate financial planning plan? We can assist you.

Warrington Business Financial Planning

Warrington Business Financial Planning

Our Warrington corporate financial planning advisers can advise you on a number of business protection solutions, including:

    • Protecting your business from the death or illness of a key player or major shareholder.
    • Private health insurance.
    • Shareholder protection agreements.
    • Commercial insurance.

We talk to our clients about a business exit strategy, that helps them to put retirement plans in place that allow them to increase the net asset value of the business to the level they need.

  • Business property and entrepreneur relief.
  • Planning an exit strategy.
  • Investing business profits more effectively.
  • Financial planning for redundant employees.
  • Advice; implementation; costing and education for employees on workplace pensions
Corporate Financial Planning Warrington

Corporate Financial Planning Warrington

Stop guessing about your financial future and begin to plan. See how your personal income and assets cam able to help you live the life you really want in your retirement. Take away the worries about your future by planning ahead.

Your initial one-hour Warrington corporate financial planning review session with our Warrington IFA team is completely FREE and there are no obligations.

Speak to one of our Warrington retirement planning and Warrington financial planning specialists today on 01925 396122.

The Link Between Financial Difficulty And Suicide

Did you know that people who are in problem debt are three times as likely to experience suicidal thoughts?

Not only that, but over 100,000 adults in problem debt will attempt suicide every year.

These are worrying, yet unsurprising statistics linking financial difficulty to mental health. People in problem debt can worry about keeping up to date with bill payments, losing their home and providing for their family. Without addressing it, they can fall deeper and deeper into debt. It can lead to anxiety, depression and so often, suicidal thoughts. Even a call from a mortgage company or energy provider can trigger suicidal thoughts.

Here’s an experience of a married couple, Kelly and Tom, who racked up a lot of problem debt. It all started when Tom was made redundant.

How Financial Difficulty Can Lead To Suicidal Thoughts

Following Tom’s redundancy, he was having suicidal thoughts. Kelly didn’t know what to do. But, she did know that Tom’s thoughts and feelings were symptoms of their financial difficulties. In a last-ditch attempt to resolve things, Kelly approached Assured Wealth. She wanted help organising finances and gaining clarity on their financial future.

One of the reasons to choose a Financial Adviser is their ability to look at situations objectively and neutrally. And even better, they enjoy playing devil’s advocate, which is what we did with Kelly and Tom. We took a close look at their spending and provided ways which they could cut back before Tom found another job. We asked awkward questions that we knew would help them make all-important changes in their lives.

As a result, we stopped Kelly’s pension contributions for a period. We also changed their mortgage to include some debt consolidation, which would buy them more time. Plus, we put wills and powers of attorney in place, should the worst happen to either of them.

Tom and Kelly are now on a clear journey to living debt-free. Tom has multiple job interviews lined up. And when he lands his next job, it will mean the road to being debt-free will be an even shorter one!

How Can You Achieve A Debt-Free Life?

Do you want to get on the road to a debt-free life? Spark a conversation with Assured Wealth today by calling 01925 396 122 to book a FREE 1 hour review.

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Talking Openly About Money and Mental Health!

One in four of us lose sleep over our financial struggles.

And with three out of five of us in debt, is it any wonder?

It might be due to impulsive overspending, income anxiety or worry of having to take time out of work. Whatever the financial problem, it can impact your relationships, social life and mental wellbeing.

The world is changing. We live in a time where mental health is becoming more openly discussed, and so it should be. With that in mind, let’s take John’s experience as an example of the impact of finances on mental health.

The Effect Of Debt On Mental Health

John had been having sleepless nights for months. He was in debt and was struggling to pay the bills. For him, it seemed like a never-ending struggle. He saw no way out. And on a recommendation from a friend, he decided to speak with the Assured Wealth team to shine a light on his financial future.

The stats linking finances to mental health surprised John. There is clearly more work to be done to raise awareness. But, after a quick discussion about how common his situation was, he realised he was not alone. And we wanted to help him solve the underlying problem – his debt, rather than treat the symptoms.

How To Overcome Debt To Help Mental Health Challenges

Nowadays, Financial Advisers should pay closer attention to mental health problems. At Assured Wealth, we welcome the discussion and do so with complete openness, empathy and confidentiality.

We helped John restructure his credit card and loans through a new mortgage. This helps him lower his monthly outgoings. We also put in place income protection insurance for him so if he became ill, he would still be able to afford to live. John is now confident that he can afford his mortgage, pay the bills and is on a clear plan to become debt-free.

There is no doubt that there is work to be done when it comes to mental health awareness. And this is especially true for the link between finances and mental health. As with all mental health challenges, it starts with speaking up. And at Assured Wealth, we are able to offer financial solutions and recommend available support services if our client is in need.

Inspire Mental Health Conversations

We want to inspire more people facing financial difficulties to have conversations sooner. So if you, a friend or family member would like a FREE 1 hour confidential conversation about finances, then call Assured Wealth on 01925 396 122 today.

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Can you see your financial future?

Janet’s Story: Life After Redundancy

Do you have a plan in place?

Not having a financial plan for the future can hold you back from living your life to the fullest.

Unsure of her financial future

Let me show you why it’s so important. Here’s a financial planning experience one of my clients, Janet. 

Janet’s Challenge

Janet has been a primary school teacher for over thirty-seven years. And recently, she has been offered a redundancy package of £38,000 and access to her teachers’ pension. Since the news of the redundancy offer, Janet and her husband, Simon, were worried. They were mostly concerned that they wouldn’t be able to afford the lifestyle they have now. And with little knowledge of financial planning, they felt sure they were facing disaster. They knew they needed the help of an Independent Financial Advisor. That’s why they came to Assured Wealth. They wanted financial advice that would give them clarity of their financial future.

Our Solution

Over a few meetings, I did two important things for Janet and Simon. 

Firstly, I reviewed their life goals. The things on their bucket list which they wanted to do together. This included things like taking big holidays and moving into their ‘forever home’.

And secondly, I reviewed whether they could continue to maintain the lifestyle they had now. 

After expert cash flow planning, I had some good news for them. I was delighted to share that they could afford their lifestyle. Not only this, but they could also afford a more expensive ‘forever home’ that was on their bucket list. And the news got even better when I told them they could make the move five years sooner than they expected!

What happened next?

As a result, Janet took the redundancy package and they bought their new bungalow. By coming to Assured Wealth, Janet had unlocked opportunities she never knew existed. She had come to us with a simple question and left with a life-changing solution. We had surpassed her expectations. 

Thanks to my help, Janet didn’t need to work again, but that won’t keep her away from her love of teaching. You’ll still find her in the classroom for two days a month!

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Are you in a situation where you can’t see the longer-term financial impact of a life-changing moment? Or do you know someone who is? Then don’t feel confused for a second longer.

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