Corporate Retirement Planning Knutsford

Being familiar with Knutsford corporate retirement planning as well as how it is going to impact you the business owner is extremely important.

More than anything you have to think about your employees’ pension arrangements setting up an appropriate workplace pension scheme that is to their advantage. You will find there is new legislation which makes it the responsibility of the employer to provide a works pension for all eligible employees. The company much contribute into the pension for all the eligible work force, you also have to keep and maintain proper records that have to be safely stored indefinitely.  

Knutsford Corporate Retirement Planning for Directors and Shareholders

The way directors and shareholders retirement planning works is that they have a number of ways to pay minimal corporation tax and fund their pension. The main points are blow:

Self-invested Personal Pension (SIPP)

This permits you to have many kinds of assets. It is possible for you to own shares, property, money, securities and plenty of others things. This formula is beneficial for Businesses who wish to invest in buying their work premises, then pay rent payments into the SIPP for the Business.

The SIPP can additionally invest in unquoted shares of businesses that are non-related, this means pension savings can be used to acquire other businesses. This legislation is tricky so expert guidance is recommended.

These rules can be complicated so expert guidance from a Knutsford IFA or a Knutsford Corporate Financial Adviser is a must.

Self Administered Scheme (SASS)

Not unlike the SIPP, but with the ability to offer a line of credit (up to 50% of the value of the SASS) to help with the finances of the company.

Business property relief (BPR)

Your pension may be from selling your interest in the business. If eligible this claim BPR can aid in minimising tax liability from the sale inheritance tax can be mitigated at the end of two years.

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