Corporate Retirement Planning Warrington

Warrington corporate retirement planning, what does it really mean to you the business owner?

When it comes to retirement planning, your first solution for your employees should be a suitable workplace pension scheme.  Under the new rules, the employer is responsible for setting up and implementing a workplace pension for all employees.  You will then have to contribute and make employee contributions for all eligible employees and maintain records of such indefinitely.  To find out more in-depth information about workplace pensions, click here

In terms of the directors and shareholders retirement planning there are lots of opportunities to fund your retirement and indeed reduce your corporation tax.  These are highlighted here:

Self-invested Personal Pension (SIPP)

This allows you to hold lots of different types of assets.  You can hold company property, shares, bonds, cash and numerous others.  This type of solution is a good choice for those companies who wish to purchase the premises from which they trade and make rental payments to the SIPP on behalf of the company.

A SIPP is able to purchase unquoted shares in a non-related company also, so you could use your pension savings to invest in another business.  The rules around this are complicated so advice is essential.

Self Administered Scheme (SASS)

Similar to a SIPP but with the added ability to loan money (up to 50% of the value of the SASS) to the company to help with financing.

Business property relief (BPR)

Your retirement may well be funded by the sale of your business.  An eligible claim for BPR can help to reduce tax payable on the sale and also mitigate inheritance tax on the proceeds after a two year period.

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