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    Do any of us understand how the financial system works in full? It is a big and complex machine that is tough to navigate and certainly not for the faint of heart. However, if you do not plan properly, then your money is not working for you, but for the banks. It might make your plans unachievable, or at least delay them. Investments, savings and pensions are complicated, but an expert can guide you through the minefield and help you to see ways in which your money can work harder. A little saved now can bear dividends in the future when you come to retire. If you want to retire earlier, pay your mortgage off or save for your children’s university or build up an inheritance then you need to make and follow a careful plan. It is tough to do so on your own, so why not call on an expert? Book a free Culcheth financial planning review today by filling in the contact form on this financial planning page or call our friendly Culcheth IFA and Warrington IFA team on 01925 396122.

    Are your finances driving you nuts? Get yourself a financial plan.

    Our financial planners can work with you to draw up a financial plan that will cover your entire life. This will enable you to see just what income you will have year on year, and will be able to see the long-term outcomes of the financial decisions that you take now. This helps you to make a more informed choice about your financial future and understand whether you can really afford those foreign holidays, a new car every three years or large home improvements or if saving more will help in the long run. We can help invest lump sums if you have sold a business or been offered redundancy and aim to get returns higher than the recent pitiful interest rates on offer from the bank’s standard savings accounts.

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