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West Kirby financial planning is about our independent adviser team creating your very own bespoke financial plan.  Plan that is aimed at your life goals and not your finances.

As you go through life there would have been times you thought about the things you wanted to do, those that you could afford to do, but maybe never had the time.   Reality sometimes stops you achieving those dreams. Maybe you have never spoken to your spouse or partner about what you would really like to do in life, if you had the time and money.

West Kirby Financial Planning Specialist

West Kirby Financial planning and West Kirby retirement planning is key to achieving those life goals. It’s a very detailed process that summaries it’s finding in you own detailed plan (114 page report). Detailed cash flows from now until age 100 for both you and your spouse/partner. This degree of planning allows us to examine whether or not you can afford to do those dream goals now, before retirement. It looks at the “what if’s”. What if you spend £20K on holidays this year and next and how does that affect your ability to repay the mortgage and have that retirement income you need?  How does gifting £100K to the children now affect your retirement income and goals for retirement.  

With the report you can ask for several scenarios to be run until you are happy that your plan is the one you really want. Of course life changes and priorities change, so we update your plan as often as you like to take onboard: inflation changes, economic changes, changes in employment, illness, death and investment returns etc.

The report is a “track to run on”. How and where the track runs is your choice. However, by allowing our qualified adviser to compile your detailed cash flow report, this will probably be the first time you will have seen your financial future in black and white.

The video on the homepage explains why you should have a detailed lifetime cash flow report. Contact our team of West Kirby financial advisers today for a FREE informal consultation with a West Kirby IFA.

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