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FREE Money Management Financial Advice programme for children and young adults across the North West

Our team of Warrington Independent Financial Advisers at Assured Wealth work as part of the free money management financial advice programme.  They give up their time to work with young adults in schools, colleges and universities across the North West of England.  

Mark Jones the MD said: “We do not charge schools to operate this project.  The lessons offer key learning skills as part of PSHE Financial Capability”.

Why Give FREE Money Management Financial Advice?

“All our Warrington financial advisers firmly believe that the skills they have developed over the years can help children to manage their money and lives more effectively.  To do this, the children need to understand the impacts of the choices they make with money”.

“We operate a four-lesson FREE lesson program with the institution, over an academic year.  The focus of the team is on changing behaviour towards money, not simply educating them about bank accounts.  Although bank accounts are covered in our sessions”.

“We also educate the teaching and support staff as part of the process.  After all, they are the ones who should be able to enlighten the children and point them in the right direction when it comes to money.  All the staff receive an action plan to work on for themselves”.

Lesson plans:

Lesson One

•   Deliver the basic money management lesson to year 6 and above.

•   Time – 1 hour.

•   Classroom format: chairs in a horseshoe shape, no tables.

•   Role-play to include how money moves round the banking system.

•   Goals: To raise money for local children’s charities, by working as part of a team.  Improve communication and create a competition within teams and across schools.

•Research project bank accounts applicable to their age.

Lesson Two
•   Educate the school team (Teaching and support staff) session, on finance and estate planning.

•   45 mins – 1 hour depending on time available.

•   After school during a team meeting.

Lesson Three
•   The mum and dad challenge.  How to help parents shop more effectively and keep the money you save!  Make math’s fun and develop life skills along the way.

•   1-hour Classroom discussion and feedback.  Focus on retail layouts, how to compare prices, how to help at home, how to shop online to get FREE products and save time and money.

•   Discussion on shopping and bargain hunting.  How does this link to how a business needs to make profits?

Lesson Four
•   Follow up session three.

•   Develop sales and negotiating skills.  Car sale role-play with teaching staff. 

•   Re-cap on years learning’s/actions and the progress made before their next year in education. 1-hour Classroom discussion and feedback.

Choose the winner of the yearlong project and arrange to film the winners to appear in the video.

Managing your money

Managing your money

Our four-lesson plan as part of FREE Money Management Financial Advice programme has been running successfully since 2009.  We can adopt our lesson plans to meet the particular need of the school.  Places for schools are limited, so if you are looking for help and creativity with your PSHE needs, then contact us on: 01925 396122 for an initial discussion.

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