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    Assured Wealth & Estate Planning Solutions work in association with Express Mortgages to offer Warrington Financial Advice and Grappenhall financial advice for mortgages. Many of our customers contact us for advice on buy-to-let mortgages. Book a free mortgage review today by filling in the form on this page or call our friendly Grappenhall IFA and Warrington IFA team on 01925 396122.


    It is critical that you choose the correct mortgage, and it is not just new landlords who struggle with the multitude of mortgage choices. Even experienced investors can find picking the best deal challenging and they appreciate the advice of professional Warrington mortgage advisers and Grappenhall mortgage advisers. They know only too well that it is better to trust an independent professional with hundreds of mortgage applications under their belt than to try to do it all alone.

    The EU Mortgage Credit Directive of March 2016 means landlords have to now adhere to both the rules of a lender and those of the legislator. We can help you navigate the pitfalls associated with this law, and we have many clients a similar situation. We know that landlords – whether they have one or a hundred properties – are operating a business. All businesses need to keep their costs to a minimum, and a mortgage is likely to be the biggest expense for these businesses

    As you build up your portfolio of property, the mixture of mortgages can make a massive difference to your monthly expenditure. Contact one of our advisers for further information and understand how we can help you with Buy-to-Let mortgages.

    We will not just point you to a comparison tables as they often omit the products exclusively available to select brokers like us, and they can be misleading if you do not consider all of the costs. We believe in offering up-to-date, honest and accurate advice. We can do this because we get to know your individual circumstances and your aims in the property market. We keep our demands on your valuable time to a minimum by using telephone and email – allowing you to browse products at your leisure.

    For more information on Assured Wealth & Estate Planning Solutions’ Warrington Mortgage advisers, Grappenhall Mortgage advisers or any of our other services, call us on 01925 396122.

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