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    You can not cut corners when planning for your retirement. It may seem a long way away, but you need to save now to have the right income in the future, and if you do not save enough then you could really affect your retirement plans. You must know whether and when you will be entitled to a state or company pension and forecast your income to properly plan the amount to save to achieve your future goals. If you have stagnant plans we can find them and get them working for you: every little bit helps to increase your retirement income and make your family’s future more secure. Book a free Hale Barns retirement planning review today by filling in the request advice form on this page or call our local friendly Hale Barns IFA and Altrincham IFA team on 0161 464 9122.

    Will you have enough money in retirement?

    It is the first five years that will be the hardest. Your fuel bills will rise as you adjust to spending more time at home and you will most likely want to enjoy a social life and take a holiday or two. Maybe even buy a new car or make home improvements. All of this costs money and when you have a fixed income the opportunity to work a few extra hours are gone. The sheer scope and complexity of pension contracts makes planning a minefield for most people. You need an expert in retirement planning and that is where Assured Wealth and Estate Planning Solutions come in.

    Do you know what Pension Freedom actually means?

    Pensions freedoms are a new ruling that came into force in April 2015. They mean you can access your retirement savings from age 55, but as life expectancy rises, taking money early could harm your income later in life. We can guide you through the complexities and help you take the right decisions now for a brighter future later.


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