Here Come A.I. And The Bots!

A.I. & Bots

A.I. has been firmly on the agenda in the world of finance. At a recent conference, the Product Editor of Wired magazine was unimpressed with today’s early options like Amazon’s Alexa. But in five years from now, it is expected that this technology will be pervasive and “conversational A.I.” will be the way we help with our finances. Until then, an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) is still your best bet, and even in the near future, we do not expect to see many people using a robot to make choices about their family’s financial future!

The Pensions Minister Advocates A.I.

The Pensions Minister is another advocate of A.I. He thinks technology will help to deliver advice to people about their pensions in the future. Pensions are changing all the time, and the recent Cridland Report made several suggestions that, if they do not affect you, will certainly have an impact on your children. The report, released in March this year, recommended a rise in the state pension age to 68 between the years 2037 and 2039. It also proposed that this age increases in line with expectations of longevity (but no more than one extra year per decade). For those in their early 40s, the pension age has been pushed back another year. For those under 40, it would not be unreasonable to expect that the pension age will be at least 70 by the time retirement comes around.

Invest in a Private Pension with Assured Wealth

The rising pension age underlines why it is so important to get started with paying into a private pension – no matter what age you are. The longer you can save, the better, but any amount of savings is better than none. Assured Wealth and Estate Planning are here to help – we have pensions experts who can guide you through the minefield and help you plan an Assured future.

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