Knutsford Corporate Financial Adviser

Knutsford Corporate Financial Adviser

When you are working hard to make your business a success, who can help you understand how you best benefit from all of that hard work?

When do you intend to leave the business – and how? Is it through sale, buyout, or do you intend to pass it on to someone in your family? How will you know it is going to work out, and when do you intend for the transition to happen?

What is the final sale price you are going to expect for all the hard work and endeavours you have been putting in over so many years? Is it going to be enough?

Knutsford Corporate Finance Advice

Knutsford Corporate Finance Advice

With a Knutsford Corporate Financial Adviser (Knutsford IFA) working alongside you it is possible to make a big difference when making your business financial plans.

The process commences with you telling us what your intended “retirement income figure” is. Put another way; we need to know how much money you need each month to live the life you really want in retirement. This forms the basis of our advisory process. Our method shows how you can make the best use of the time you spend working in your business. Once you are aware of what your intended income figure is, you know the valuation you need to be able to sell your business to have security in retirement. This lets us establish everything you ned to be doing with the business.

Corporate Financial Adviser Knutsford

Corporate Financial Adviser Knutsford

Our clients often have a ‘light bulb’ moment when they first see their full financial future laid out in front of them by our Knutsford Corporate Financial Adviser. Some go on to sell the business for a lot less that they had planned to –but they still managed to retire years earlier than expected.

Getting started with your Knutsford financial planning and Knutsford retirement plan could not be more simple. Call us today on 01565 817122 and book a FREE review meeting with a Knutsford Corporate Financial Adviser.

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