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Lasting Powers Of Attorney West Kirby

The cornerstone of West Kirby financial planning should be a valid and registered West Kirby Lasting Powers of Attorney. These documents allow your affairs to be managed by your attorney (legal) should you suffer an accident, illness or injury that results in you losing the physical or mental capacity to look after your affairs.  They can also be used if you are overseas for a long period of time and you wish to mandate the responsibility to someone to manage your UK affairs.  They are not as most members of the public would assume – an old person’s need.

West Kirby lasting power of attorney

West Kirby lasting power of attorney

What Is a Lasting Power of Attorney?

West Kirby Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document that is registered by the Office of Public Guardian (OPG) on your behalf.   LPAs allow you to appoint someone to make decisions for you when you are no longer able to make them yourself; this applies to your finances (Property and Affairs LPA) to your health and welfare.

A West Kirby estate planning specialist will be able to help you create this document that could prove to be extremely valuable for you in the coming years. These legal tools essentially allow you to care for yourself long before you even need to do so e.g. you can decide to not receive medical treatment if you wish to do so. 

Additional Lasting Power of Attorney Information

You should appoint people you trust to manage your affairs.  This people who have your best interests at heart, who can afford to take time out from their lives to ensure you are looked after in the event of illness or injury.

You can appoint family members who live overseas, but think about the practical implications of having all your legal attorneys being outside the UK.  Can they respond to your needs quickly enough.

The health and welfare LPA allows your attorney to give or refuse life saving treatment.  Once you have set up your documents, you should have an honest and frank discussion with them as to what they should do in various circumstances. 

Our team of dedicated West Kirby lasting powers of attorney advisers are here to help.  Call Assured Wealth West Kirby IFA today 0151 601 5922

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