Liverpool Personal Estate Planning

Liverpool Personal Estate Planning

When you are no longer here, would you like to make sure that your assets are passed on to the people you want them to?

Simply keeping an up-to-date, valid will might not give you sufficient protection. Only by writing a detailed estate plan can you be sure that your assets will be protected from risk. Part of that estate plan makes sure that if you lose capacity the right people are in place to take care of your personal affairs. How would your family cope if they could not access your money and assets when they needed it most?  Download our Estate Planning Services Overview today.

Liverpool Estate Planning

Liverpool Estate Planning

Our qualified Liverpool estate planning and Liverpool IFA team will talk you through what an effective estate plan looks like.

Valid Will
  • A well-drafted will can help to ensure assets are passed to the people you want upon your death.
Power of Attorney
  • Health and Welfare and Property and Affairs are the two types of Power of Attorney. By setting these legal documents up, you are allowing someone you trust to be named to take care of your legal affairs on your behalf (for example If you are away from the United Kingdom for a period, or if you become incapacitated and cannot manage your own affairs).


Upon your death, your estate goes through a legal process called probate. This can take nine months. None of your assets are able to be sold until the grant of probate is received. Any asset in trust avoids this process.

  • How would you feel if your family had to pay huge legal fees just because you did not make a will?
  • How can you avoid the state getting hold of all of your life savings once you are gone?
  • How can you avoid leaving uncertainty for your family to deal with?
Personal Estate Planning

Personal Estate Planning

Effective Liverpool estate planning advice gives you piece of mind that things are in place should the worst happen. Call our Liverpool estate planning specialists today on 0151 601 5922, for your one-hour FREE Liverpool financial planning and Liverpool retirement planning review.

Probate fees are increasing and a new death tax is starting

Assured Wealth and Estate Planning guide to the increased fee level and how forward planning can mitigate the new fees

What is probate?

When someone dies, you need to obtain the legal right to deal with their property, money and possessions, and to do so you need a grant of representation, which is commonly known as ‘probate’.

When is probate not needed?

Usually you won’t need to apply for probate if the estate does not include land, property or shares, if it is passing to a surviving spouse or civil partner because it was held in joint names or if the estate is valued at less than £5,000. However, each financial institution has its own rules and may still require a grant of probate certificate.

The new fees will apply to all applications received by the probate service on or after the date it is introduced in April 2019, irrespective of the date of death.

What is happening to probate fees?

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Protecting your assets with Trusts and effective Estate Planning

Most of the people within the UK (65%), do not have a valid will to enable them to leave their assets to the people they want to, when they die.  This leaves them vulnerable to having their: savings; investments; life insurance; pensions and property passed to bloodline family that they may not even know, or indeed like.

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Are Annuities Still A Viable Option For Retirement Planning?

Are Annuities Still A Viable Option?

Annuities are retirement products that guarantee you with a regular income after you retire.

You choose a provider, pick an appropriate annuity to suit your needs and, in exchange for some or all of your pension savings, the annuity provides income until you die.

The use of annuities has declined markedly in recent years, with figures from the Association of British Insurers suggesting sales have fallen by as much as 80% since 2014.

Research from the Financial Conduct Authority reflects this trend, with year-on-year annuity sales down 16% in the six months to April 2017.

This is partly due to the fact that, following former chancellor George Osborne’s introduction of pension reforms in 2015, people now have more options when it comes to planning their retirement.

However, are annuities still a viable retirement planning option to consider in 2017?

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