Liverpool Personal Trusts

Liverpool Personal Trusts

Liverpool Personal Trusts are often used by our clients to protect their biggest asset: their home. Why do they do this? To ensure they can own it until the day they die and then pass it on to the family, unencumbered by costs or delay. The risks they face in doing this can be mitigated through using Liverpool Personal Trusts.

Some reasons for setting up Liverpool Personal Trusts include:

  • A spouse remarrying after your death.
  • When a recipient is dependent on state benefits: these would stop if they inherited funds outside of a trust.
  • The bankruptcy of you or a beneficiary.
  • The cost and delay of probate after your death. The house would be able to be passed on immediately upon your death.
Liverpool Family Trust

Liverpool Family Trust

Our Liverpool financial advisers take the time to talk to you about your wishes for your assets and estate after you die. By looking closely at your family tree and talking with you about the relationships that exist, our Liverpool IFA and Liverpool estate planning advisors can carefully talk you through the possible pitfalls and help you choose which type of trust is best for your personal circumstances.

The law around Liverpool Personal Trusts is complicated, and there isn’t a “one size fits all” solution to meet everyone’s circumstances. Thinking about who should inherit what, and how they do so upon your death, is the key to picking the right trust for you.

Personal Trusts Liverpool

Liverpool Personal Trusts Specialist

If the answer is “yes” to a single one of these questions, then a trust may be suitable for you:

  • I would not like my family to pay more Inheritance Tax than they should.
  • I would not want to unnecessary burden and costs to be placed on my family.
  • I would not want my family to lose my wealth in order to pay for my care fees?

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