Manchester Corporate Financial Adviser

Manchester Corporate Financial Adviser

When you’re working hard to ensure your business continues to be successful, who is helping you understand how you benefit from all of your hard work?

“When and how will you leave this business?” Is this through a sale or a buyout, or is it going to be handed down to someone in the family? How do you know and when will this happen?

What net sale figure will you receive for all your hard work and endeavour over the years? Is this going to be enough?

Manchester Corporate Finance Advice

Having a Manchester Corporate Financial Adviser (Manchester IFA) working with you can really make a big difference.

Our process starts with you knowing your “retirement income figure”. How much in cash terms do you need to live the life you want? This will form the basis of our advice process. The method will show you how to make the most of the time you spend in the business. Once you know your “income figure”, the gross valuation you need to sell your business and have a happy retirement, then everything you should be doing with the business works backwards from this point.

Corporate Financial Adviser Manchester

Our client’s talk of a ‘light bulb” moment when they see their own financial future with the help of a Manchester Corporate Financial Adviser. Some have gone on to sell their business for less that they thought they needed and some retired years earlier.

Getting started on your Manchester financial planning and Manchester retirement planning plan could not be easier. Simply call us today on 0161 464 9122 to book a FREE review meeting with a Manchester Corporate Financial Adviser and start to see your business future more clearly.

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