Manchester Lifetime Cash Flow Modelling

Lifetime Cash Flow Planning

Can you see your finances in full detail for every year, between now and your 100th birthday? The answer is probably, no!

Not being able to see how your plans will affect you long term, causes stress and stops you from living the life you really want to.

Manchester Lifetime cash flow planning is a highly detailed process we take clients through. See your income and expenditure expectations for you and your spouse/partner from now until age 100. See assets now and in the future, potential inheritance and the spending plans you may have in life: holidays, travel, property purchases and sales, gifts to children, the list could be endless.

Cash Flow Modelling

Our Manchester IFA team will talk to you about your life goals and their costs, to develop a lifetime Manchester lifetime cash flow planning modelling report. This shows you what effects your plan will have on your ability to life the life you want. How will your life play out based on the results? Can you gift £150K to the children now and buy their home with a trust? What if you have three holidays per year instead of two? How will this spending now, affect you in your later years?

So retire earlier, spend more / less? The level of detail contained within the report simply prompts discussion around your thoughts on all of these points.

Cash Flow Planning

Get the life you really want to. Spend what you want to now, with the knowledge that your retirement years are safe. Stop worrying about your financial future and get to see what you could really do with your finances, today and for the rest of your life. Book a FREE Manchester lifetime cash flow planning consultation with one of our Manchester financial planning team today and work out how you will live the life you really want. Contact our Manchester retirement planning specialist on 0161 464 9122 today!

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