Manchester Personal Financial Planning

Manchester Personal Financial Planning

Do you have a tailored plan in place that can show you the impacts of everything you spend now, in your later life? For most people, the answer is no. That’s where our Manchester Financial Planning team can really be of benefit to you and your family.

Most people go through life with the goals of being debt free at a certain age, retiring from work and spending time doing what they want too.

Life is about living and we want to show you how you can live those retirement years today and still be have a comfortable retirement.

Manchester Financial Planning

Our Manchester Financial Planning team will produce a Manchester lifetime cash flow modelling draft report for you. You can see the immediate effects of retiring a year earlier or walking the Great Wall of China at age 50 if you really want to. Whilst in front of you, a simple click on our software will give you all of the answers you need.

Once you are happy with your plan, our Manchester financial advisers will produce a detailed report showing you every penny of income and expenditure between now and age 100. It will probably be the first time you have ever seen your future mapped out in front of you before.

Personal Financial Planning Manchester

So stop guessing about your financial future and start to see how all your income and assets can help you to really live the life you want, without worrying. Getting started on your new financial life is simple, just complete the contact us form below, or call our Manchester financial planners today on 0161 464 9122. Your first one-hour Manchester Financial Planning review session with one of our Manchester IFA team is completely FREE and without obligation.

Wages Continue To Be Squeezed

Wages Continue To Be Squeezed

New figures this week have shown that the rate of unemployment in the UK is falling, yet pay is still stagnating and failing to keep up with inflation. At the same time, many large businesses have announced job cuts meaning wages continue to be squeezed as companies cut costs.

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Cash ISA Savings Fall By A Third

Cash ISA Savings
The amount of money being saved into Cash ISA Savings has dropped by a third, according to HMRC.

Official figures show that during the tax year of 2016 to 2017, the amount of money invested into cash ISA’s fell by just over £19.5 billion to £39.2 billion.

There was also a fall in the number of new cash ISA accounts being opened, with just over 1.6 million fewer accounts being taken out in the last financial tax year as the number fell to just over 8.5 million in total.

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30 Hours Free Childcare Now Available

Free Childcare

Working parents with children aged three & four years old can now claim 30 hours of free childcare each week.

The new scheme doubles the previous childcare entitlement of 15 hours free childcare and is funded for 38 weeks to coincide with school term time.

In total, an estimated 390,000 eligible working families can save on average of £5,000 per year on childcare costs under the plans.

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