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Assured Wealth’s team of independent financial planners Knutsford try to take a different approach: most other financial planning companies will use tax planning and investments to aim for a given income at retirement age, or make plans for you to repay a mortgage, we look at the needs of you and your family. We want to show your financial future in figures. We can assist you in avoiding life-long regrets, and allow you to have some amazing experiences – all while you are still able to enjoy them!

Here at Assured Wealth we think differently, instead we look at the needs of you and your family. We have an honest conversation with you about your personal aims and objectives in life. Book a free financial review today by filling in the form on this page or call our friendly Mobberley IFA team or Knutsford IFA team on 01565 817122.

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    To get your finances in order in an effective way, is recommended for you to consult with a professional, unbiased Mobberley Independent Financial Adviser (IFA). Assured Wealth and Estate Planning have links with some of the area’s most trusted financial advisers.


    It makes no difference if your estate is large or small, estate planning remains important. If you really want to be certain that your assets be distributed properly after you pass on, then you need to start thinking about Mobberley estate planning right away. Our financial planners Mobberley will take care of this with you.


    For most people, our homes are the biggest purchase we ever make and, usually, our biggest asset. It is not just the rich who benefit from the unbiased advice of Mobberley Mortgage Advisors when planning their mortgage.


    The best time to start making plans for your retirement is now – no matter what your age. So many people do not take Mobberley Financial Advice as they believe it is too expensive or time-consuming , but – done properly by an IFA Mobberley – retirement planning saves you money and helps you enjoy life after you finish full-time work.

    To find out more information on our Knutsford Financial Advice or learn more about any of our other services, call Assured Wealth today on 01565 817122.

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