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For the vast majority of us, our home is the most valuable and expensive asset that we will ever buy. Unfortunately, however, many of us still choose to go down the path alone, without the help of a professional. Getting professional, and personal mortgage advice from an Altrincham Mortgage Advisor can be extremely valuable if you are thinking about mortgaging a property.

Altrincham Mortgage Advisor

An Altrincham IFA can help you with a wide variety of problems with regards to your financial situation – your mortgage is one of the most important. One of the main reasons for this is because the mortgage market in the UK is constantly changing, and the banks are always bringing out new offers to try and lure new customers in.

These new offers can make you think you are getting a great deal, but there might be something else in the marketplace that’s better for you! This is just one aspect where an Altrincham IFA can help you. When it comes to personal Altrincham financial planning and Altrincham mortgage advice, there are three main aspects that you should take into consideration, and this is something that you can talk about with your financial adviser.

First and foremost, you should think about whether you want to pay interest only or a complete repayment. If you are trying to keep your monthly repayments as low as possible then interest only might seem to be the best option – but you’d have to pay a lump sum in the end.

Fixed rate or variable rate is the next thing you should think about – choosing a variable rate might be a bit of a gamble, but could very well be a gamble that pays off well.

The last thing for you to think about is the actual duration of your mortgage. A longer term would mean lower monthly repayments but would also mean that you are stuck paying the mortgage off for longer which would equate to more interest.

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