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    Assured Wealth & Estate Planning Solutions know that a mortgage is often the biggest monthly outgoing for a household, and we want to help you to cut your costs and maximise the way your money works for you. Our Mortgage advisers Knutsford and mortgage advisers Ollerton can guide you through your remortgage and find you a great deal. Book a free mortgage review today by filling in the form on this page or call our friendly Ollerton IFA and Knutsford IFA team on 01565 817122.

    What is a remortgage?

    Simply put, a remortgage is when you change your mortgage. Usually this is done my moving to a new lender, but without actually moving home. The objective is usually to cut the cost of the mortgage and to save money, or sometimes to release equity in your property. The new mortgage is used to pay off your current one.

    Why should I remortgage?

    To save money

    If you have ended up on your lender’s Standard Variable Rate (SVR), then you may not be getting the best deal. Initial low-rates are for a limited period and then you usually end up paying more, so switching your mortgage could save you cash. If you are reaching the end of a fixed rate deal, now is the time to think about your options.

    Release equity

    Remortgaging offers an opportunity to raise funds for such things like home improvements or buying a car.

    Restructure your loan

    You could remortgage to reduce the amount you owe, shorten the term of the mortgage or to switch from interest only to a repayment product.

    The benefits of using an adviser

    Although price comparison sites have become popular, there is no real alternative to independent professional advice. An IFA Knutsford or IFA Ollerton can guide you through the thousands of mortgage deals available on the market. They also find the best deal to suit your personal circumstances. Through our partnership with Express Mortgage Services, Assured Wealth & Estate Planning Solutions can access products that are only available to a select few brokers.

    To find out more about Assured Wealth & Estate Planning Solutions’s Knutsford Mortgage advisers, Ollerton Mortgage advisers or any of the other services we offer, call us on 01565 817122.

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