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    There are lots of confusing terms and nuances to get to grips with when it comes to planning for your retirement. You have to be aware whether you will be receiving a state pension, and whether you have built up a company pension. Pensions start paying out at different times and it is crucial that you plan your savings regime today to make sure you will have sufficient money when you eventually retire. Book a free Ollerton retirement planning review today by filling in the form on this page or call our friendly Ollerton IFA and Knutsford IFA team on 01565 817122.

    You may have dormant pension plans that you have lost track of over the years. We can help you to find these as even a small amount of extra money can become invaluable in time and these little pots of money all help to make a better retirement for your family.

    Will you have enough money in retirement?

    The first five years are the critical ones when it comes to retiring. Your expenditure will be around £200 higher in these early years as you start to adjust to your new life and spend more time in the house. You may not have realises just how much you save on heating costs while you are out at work! You are probably going to want to travel more and perhaps treat yourself to a holiday. Planning for all this is a challenge and that is expertise from a pensions planner is invaluable to make the most of what you have, and to look at your options so you have the appropriate

    Is your pension plan confusing?

    Let us take much of the stress away from retirement planning, cut through the jargon and let you make the right, informed decisions today so you can enjoy a a brighter future tomorrow.


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