Online Probate Service Launches

Online Probate Service Launches

Executors of an estate in England and Wales can now apply for probate online using a new online probate service launched by HM Courts and Tribunals.

This will allow executors to submit certain details online to obtain a grant of probate, although paper copies of the will and death certificate still need to be provided.

Online Probate Service Information

The digital service is only available to personal applicants if:

  • there is only one executor applying
  • the original will is available and the deceased did not update their will  
  • the deceased classed England and Wales as their permanent residence or intended to return to England & Wales to live permanently.

The online digital application available includes:

  • a statement of truth to declare the information provided is correct, which removes the need to swear an oath in person
  • a facility to pay an online fee, removing the need to send a cheque in the post to the Probate Service
  • a ‘save and return’ function to save and revisit an application.

Online digital applications will be extended to probate solicitors & other professionals later this year.

Applying For Probate

If you are named as the executor of a will in England and Wales, you’ll need to apply for a grant of probate to establish your authority to manage the estate.

This involves applying to the Probate Office to be allowed to do so.

You need to provide the following documents:

  • an original copy of the will and two photocopies
  • a death certificate
  • completed inheritance tax forms and information
  • all other supporting documents relevant to the case, such as renunciation form.

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