Personal Financial Planning Warrington

Personal Warrington financial planning is about setting your life goals around your money.

Most people go through life with the goals of being debt free at a certain age, then retiring from work and spending time doing what they want too.

In reality people are now working longer to obtain retirement benefits due to the closure of final salary schemes and poor stock market returns on other retirement savings.  The nuclear family is changing too, with more women working in professional services and children being born to older parents.  This has had the knock-on effect that retirees are often looking after grandchildren on an unpaid basis.  Add to this the fact that we are all living longer as our health improves and it’s clear that what you had in mind in your 30’s may not come to fruition in your 60’s.

Warrington Financial Planning

Warrington financial planning really helps with this change in demographics and the makeup of the modern family.  We believe that everyone should identify what is important to them in life (your bucket list) and plan to do those things when it suits you.  Why not walk the Great Wall of China when you are 50 instead of 65?  Can you afford to do that?  How does taking the £10K to pay for it out of your savings affect those retirement years when you have more time to relax and perhaps spend more than you did whilst you were working.

Having your own cash flow report designed for you is the answer.  A detailed report showing you every penny of income, expenditure and tax you will have between now and age 100.  Not only can you make decisions on what you want to do, but it’s probably the first time you have ever seen your future mapped out in front of you before.  The video on the homepage explains why you should have a detailed lifetime cash flow report.

The Assured Wealth Advisory Process

Click on a stage below to find out more about our Warrington Personal Financial Planning process.

  • Meeting One

    Gathering of all the data:

    • Income, where does it come from and how is it taxed.
    • Tax paid last year and what is due for this year.
    • Expenditure both now and in the future.  This includes child costs.
    • Debt, what kind is it and how is it being managed?  Can we reduce it?
    • Assets, what do you own and more importantly how is it owned?  Is it in joint names or sole ownership?
    • Are you making the most of your tax allowances, pension planning, ISA’s, bonds, child tax vouchers, Capital Gains allowances (CGT), inheritance tax allowances (IHT)?
    • Your bucket list in detail.  What items, when they will happen, what is the planned cost now and in the future?
    • How much risk can you take with your capital, does this match the expected returns you need to achieve your goals?
  • Research Stage 1

    Research stage one (Planner)

    • Analytical review of all your plans and policies to make sure they are in line with your goals and expectations.
    • Implementing the data into the system to produce the first draft report.
  • Meeting 2
    • Discussion around the report’s finding’s and read through of the 140 page report, highlighting all the issues it raises.
    • Client then looks at different scenarios and how they may play out with their finances.  Retiring earlier, later, gifting money to children now.  Taking a redundancy that’s been offered by an employer.  Changing jobs, repaying the mortgage later.  Investing in a buy-to-let property or properties. 
  • Research Stage 2

    Research stage two (Planner)

    • Using ISA’s instead of savings. 
    • Using new tax planning techniques
    • Updating the new client goals and producing several new reports for the client to select the best option for them.
  • Implementation
    Clients can use their own IFA and estate planners at this stage, or simply instruct our planning team to put the new plans into place.  This can involve re-structuring pensions, ISA’s, savings, loans, mortgages etc.  It will probably involve updating of wills, drafting lasting powers of attorney and potentially using trusts to protect assets during your lifetime.

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