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Personal Trusts West Kirby

Setting up West Kirby personal trusts protect your assets may seem very difficult and overwhelming, but we can help you through every step of the process. A West Kirby estate planning specialist can guide you through the process and make sure that this is the right choice for you.

What Is a Personal Trust?

West Kirby personal trusts are essentially a way of protecting and managing your assets. There are many uses for trusts, and they can have an endless amount of benefits depending on your need for a trust.

A trust might be set up in order to protect assets if you think you are going to be sued, to manage assets for a person who’s under age 18, as a way of passing assets on to family members free from the nine months (average) delay from the probate process and the legal costs of probate.  Most people use them to ensure that only their bloodline family benefit from their handwork after death.  This is even more prevalent now that individuals marry and re-marry several times during their lifetime.  Step children in families and new spouse/civil partners may mean the assets of an estate are lost through sideways disinheritance . 

Setting up West Kirby Personal Trusts with Us

We understand that setting up a trust can seem like a very overwhelming and difficult thing to do, which is why we are here to offer you our full services and make it a top priority to ensure the process is explained simply. A West Kirby personal trusts and West Kirby estate planning specialist can help you through the whole process.

Our West Kirby IFA makes it easy to get your trust set up with us, and we’ll handle everything so you can sit back and relax with peace of mind. We’ll first have an initial consultation so that we can understand your needs for a trust, and then we can begin to discuss the next step in the process.

Every situation is different, so a different course of action is needed for each individual. Book a free West Kirby personal trusts review now with our West Kirby financial advisers on 0151 601 5922.

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