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    Local or National:

    Assured Wealth's team of local based financial advisers will take time to get to know you, your family and what you are trying to achieve in life. We call this goals based advice as your retirement planning will be based around you and your families goals in life. That maybe travelling, gifting money to family members to help them on the housing ladder, perhaps looking to take early retirement and wanting to understand if you will have enough money in retirement to live the life you want.

    Unlike our local and national competitors, we don't believe that retirement planning is about trying to sell you which pension company has the best returns, or lowest charges, we take an holistic view on helping you to achieve your goals. Our adviser view is that your dreams and plans come first and we try and align your retirement plans (ISA's, Pensions, Bonds, Savings, Properties), to meet those needs.

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    What we do:

    When it comes to ensuring your retirement plans can meet your long term income needs, we have to ensure we stress test your plan before implementing it. This involved running a cashflow model to the plan and seeing if your assets will last you until your 100th birthday. We do this against all possible market fluctuations. Only when we can be confident your money won't run out will we make our research findings known to you. This process is robust and will allow you to have some comfort in the knowledge we have looked at the worst case market scenario for your capital

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    Benefits to you the client:

    All of our advisers are qualified to give retirement planning advice, we undertake a minimum of 35 hours per years ongoing Professional development, our research teams search the market each month looking for new and innovative products from the whole of the market so you can be assured you are getting an unbiased and independent look at the retirement market.

    So if you are looking for a local company to advise you on perhaps the most important plan in your life, call us today for a FREE retirement planning review on: 01925 396122