Retirement Planning

Did you know that the average British worker has six jobs during their lifetime? And this is increasing every year with a new generation more used to moving from job-to-job?

The more employers you have during your working life, the more pension pots you will have to organise. And as a result, the more complicated retirement planning can become. For the best outcome, always speak to a financial planning expert. They will explore the best retirement plans available to you and will save you time, as well as money.

Here is a case of how I helped a client with his retirement planning.

Could Tim Retire Sooner?

Tim, aged 55, was coming to the end of his career and retirement was on the horizon. He had spent his entire working life saving for retirement. And to make the most of his family’s future, he wanted to make sure he had the best retirement plan possible. 

Sadly, both Tim’s father and brother had passed away in their mid 60’s. And these close family losses made Tim want to take action earlier. 

From numerous pension pots to ISA’s, Buy to Let portfolios to other income streams, Tim felt confused about his retirement savings. And it’s no wonder, considering the many factors affecting his retirement planning.

In total, Tim had £290K in different pension pots and had four questions about his retirement on his mind:

1. Could he afford to retire in five years time, at the age of 60?

2. Would the £290K he had provide him with enough income in five years time?

3. Was being too cautious or too adventurous with his pensions?

4. Should be contributing more to his pension?

Retirement Planning With Tim

I sat down with Tim, to discover what he wanted his life to look like after retirement. We spoke about his lifestyle, his family and what was on their bucket list. I then worked out how much he would need each month to cover the cost of living and tick off those bucket list items. 

Tim came to Assured Wealth feeling confused about how and when he could take his pension. After we worked our magic, he left us delighted with a retirement plan in place. It was a plan that meant he could retire at 58 – two years sooner than he had originally hoped to!

What Does Your Retirement Plan Look Like?

Does Tim’s situation sound familiar? If you’re based in the UK and want to discover your best retirement plan, then speak to an advisor today. Call 01925 396 122 or get in touch today.

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