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A guide to auto enrolment Warrington for small businesses

Since 2012 auto enrolment Warrington has been used for many thousands of employees in workplace pension schemes by many local employers. To make sure your company gets Warrington auto enrolment right and does not end up with a fine, we have put together our guide to auto enrolment Warrington for small businesses.


Auto enrolment guide for small businesses 

Between 2016 and 2018 a further 1.8 million companies will reach their staging dates, most of them small employers with 30 or fewer employees.

The Public Accounts Committee has stressed that while the process has been a success so far, the “real test” lies ahead as smaller employers begin to enrol staff.

The Committee also expressed concerns about the “potential burden” being placed on employers with fewer administrative resources as a result of the introduction of measures such as the national living wage and the apprenticeship levy.

Autumn Statement 2015

In George Osborne’s Autumn Statement there were few big surprises and headline grabbing announcements we’ve recently come to expect.

In a combined Spending Review and Autumn Statement, changes to government departmental budgets dominated the Chancellor’s speech.

Day-to-day spending of government departments will fall by an average of 0.8% a year in real terms.

The transport (37%), energy (22%) and business (17%) departments are facing the largest cuts. The core administration budget for culture, media and sport will fall by 20% but there will be increased funding for the Arts Council and sport.

NHS spending in England will increase from £101 billion in 2015/16 to £120 billion by 2020/21, including £6 billion next year. It is also expected to make £22 billion in efficiency savings in the next 5 years.

The economic news was largely positive. The combined effect of better tax receipts and lower debt interest has resulted in a £27 billion improvement in public finances compared to July.

The government will borrow £8 billion less than forecast and aims to have a budget surplus of £10.1 billion by 2020.

GDP is forecast to grow by 2.4% this year and has been revised up from July to 2.4% in 2016 and 2.5% in 2017.

Apart from the economic update, the Chancellor did announce some measures that will affect businesses and individuals. The following report summarises the announcements made by Chancellor George Osborne during the 2015 Autumn Statement on Wednesday 25 November 2015.

Workplace Pensions

Workplace pensions for your business.  When it comes to ensuring your employees are “all in” you need to get sound independent advice.  Why?  Simple, you can set the company scheme up on the wrong contribution basis and be paying far too much every month.  Going to one of the big nationals won’t help you either as they won’t give you the advice you need, they simply process your application.

Don’t get this wrong, it will cost you more and leave your employee frustrated at the lack of information you give them.

Setting up your scheme can be done in various ways, some calculated methods will increase your costs each month.  Get our advisers to assess your payroll to chose the right one for your business.

Why do you look at a pension as one part of the employee reward strategy.  It’s tax efficient for your business too, as pension contributions attract corporation tax reductions as a genuine business expense.

Contact our workplace pensions specialist advisers today for friendly help and advice.

Auto Enrolment – Things to Avoid

Auto enrolment – Things to avoid.

We have come a long way since the government’s introduction of Auto Enrolment with over 43,000 employers staged so far.  It is estimated, however, that 45,000 employers are still to stage this year and a further 1,000,000 next year and beyond.  So what can employers approaching their staging date learn from those that have already been through the Auto Enrolment process?  We have summarised the main areas where businesses have previously failed:


Auto enrolment and effective planning

When it comes to Auto Enrolment there are lots of things to think about from choosing a suitable pension provider (not all of them are the same, or indeed give you the best flexibility for you and your employees), to implementing the scheme. It is important that amongst all of this, you remember to communicate all of the changes that are taking place with your employees.


Auto enrolment – Top tips for businesses planning for their workplace pension scheme

Auto-Enrolment is fast approaching for many businesses, a lot of which have no experience in dealing with pensions or indeed setting up a pension scheme. Assured Wealth has come up with some tops tips to make sure that your business is ready for Auto-Enrolment.

First of all, planning is essential in Auto-Enrolment and the extent of the amount of planning required shouldn’t be underestimated. It is recommended by The Pensions Regulator that businesses should start planning 18 months before their staging date but many have ignored this advice which has resulted in penalties and fines. 600 businesses alone were fine a total of £66K in quarter four of 2014. Leaving it until the last minute will result in less choice between pension providers, increased admin, higher fees and a lot more stress.

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