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Independent financial planning (IFA) service sets up in Newton-le-Willows

Professional Warrington IFA and Independent financial planning expert Mark Jones the Managing Director of Assured Wealth and Estate Planning Limited has launched a joint venture with New Brooklands estate agency, on the High Street in Newton-le-Willows.

Mark stated “The town currently has no provision from a fully qualified independent Warrington financial advisers.  Setting up in the village where I live makes sense from a personal and business point of view.  Assured Wealth not only provides advice, but we also run FREE workshops for the local community too.  Richard and the team at New Brooklands share the same customer service values, of honesty and customer service.”

Richard Ortyl the Director of New Brooklands said, “We looked at several IFA firms to launch our Warrington financial planning arm for our offices in Newton-le-Willows.  Mark was local, independent and his business has a real ethic of putting clients first, just like ours.  When Mark spoke about how his company helps people in all walks of life to achieve their goals we knew it was a good fit for our business.  Mark regularly makes himself available to chat through peoples plans at their own home, or here in the office”.

Do we need a Financial Planner for Christmas?

When it comes to having the money to have our ideal Christmas present, sometimes our aspirations are a little out of reach.  If your Christmas day end’s up like the one below, then you need to get your spouse/partner to ask the question “Do we need a Financial Planner this for Christmas?

If your ideal Christmas day present looks like this:

Ideal Christmas present

Ideal Christmas present

But your’s end’s up looking more like this:

Unwanted Christmas present

Unwanted Christmas present

Ask yourself, what went wrong?  Did you:

  • Set a budget to spend this year?
  • Could you afford those gifts?
  • Did you have a savings plan from January 2015?
  • Did you pay off debts and loans and left yourself short this Christmas?
  • Is your credit card debt getting out of control?

It’s difficult to talk through money with a partner, but once you talk to our team of advisers, we will have you talking about joint life goals before you know it.  Once you have these in place, it’s easier to work towards them and aligning your income and savings to meet those goals.  It may not be a new car or home, it may simply be having the money to have a great holiday together next year.  Simply talking about your goals takes away the difficult things around money.

Book a FREE review today with an independent adviser at Assured Wealth.  Our advisers will meet you at a time and place to suit you.  We will ask questions designed to get you thinking differently about your future.

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