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Should you worry as an investor now we have left Europe?

Most people seem to have woken this morning hearing the news that the UK has voted to leave the European Union with shock.  The currency markets certainly seem to have been surprised. But what does it mean for an investor leaving Europe? Get professional Brexit investment advice from Knutsford financial advisers.



At midnight last night, the pound was trading at $1.46 to then have fallen to $1.32 at 4.15am.  As we write, the pound has rallied to $1.39 at 9a.m.

The world markets have reacted to the news with the FTSE 100 share index falling from 6259 at midnight, to 6054 at 4.52am.


A guide to collective investment funds

When it comes to managing your money, the collective investment funds marketplace can be complicated.  So we have created our guide to collective investment funds for you.

A guide to investment funds

A guide to investment funds

Effectively managing your own investments requires time, knowledge and a good deal of experience. For many of us the demands of daily life mean that we cannot dedicate as much time and energy to investments as we would like.

Researching which companies to invest in can take considerable time. A lack of expertise could result in severe losses. And some asset classes are simply beyond the financial reach of many.

Understanding your attitude to risk

When it comes to financial decisions, understanding your attitude to risk is a key decision.

Understanding risk

Understanding risk

Risk is a shifting and ever-present aspect of modern life and something that we all come into contact with at some point. From the adventures we have as children to the financial decisions we make as adults, our attitude towards risk is an indelible part of who we are.

When it comes to investing, however, it is important to think about risk objectively and not let our subjective emotions cloud our judgement, although our own views and opinions are very important. Being able to do this successfully means both understanding the different risk levels of investments available in the market, but also how risk is related to the potential returns on offer.

Onshore and offshore investments

This blog explores the difference between onshore and offshore investments and the relative merits of each.

Offshore investments

Offshore investments


Millions of pounds flow in and out of the UK every day as people take advantage of the global market place
for goods, services and investments.  Thanks to the global communications revolution, a person with money to invest can now look far beyond the borders of their country of residence for opportunities.   But we do not live in a truly global system, and no transfer of money is ever completely free.  States still require their citizens to pay tax and are increasingly turning their attention to those who are trying to avoid their tax obligations by moving their money abroad.   So how can someone take advantage of what the world has to offer while still remaining on the right side of UK law?

Trustee investments

Trustees have a duty of care under the Trustee Act 2000 to ensure that they are taking independent advice when it comes to assets they hold upon trust for beneficiaries.   When advising on and arranging investments for private clients, financial advisers are required by their regulator to take into account the client’s attitude to risk and capacity for risk. When it comes to advising on and arranging trustee investments however, trustees’ personal attitudes and capacity for risk are irrelevant, as indeed are those of the beneficiaries (who in any event are not the advisers’ clients). The trustees are the clients and they are custodians of the interests of the beneficiaries.

Trustee investments

Trustee investments

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