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The big question the newly married wife doesn’t want to ask her husband

The first year of marriage has been the greatest year of Stacey’s life. Even though it’s been a year of fielding repetitive and embarrassing questions, like ‘how’s married life?’ and ‘when are you having kids?’, she has never been happier.

She loves every second she spends with her husband, Tom – he’s the apple of her eye. Even a year into their marriage, they’re continuing to learn more and more weird and wonderful things about each other. You could say things were perfect. Well, almost…

There’s one thing playing on Stacey’s mind. It’s something that’s really important to her but she’s hesitant to bring it up in conversation with Tom. She’s nervous of what will happen if, or when she does. The thing is, Tom had the house before she moved in, which means it’s only his name on the mortgage. Ever since they got married, there’s been a niggling thought in her mind of what this means for her, her entitlements and her rights.

Stacey has heard upsetting stories of the happiest of marriages ending in separation, and often resulting in considerable financial loss. As promised on their wedding day, of course she plans to be with Tom for a lifetime, but lacks clarity of what she’s entitled to should the worst happen.

Stacey is not alone.

Whether it’s conversations about home ownership or even finances in general, it’s not uncommon for newlyweds to find such topics daunting. It’s new ground for them and can often leave them feeling lost and in need of direction.

Does Stacey’s situation sound familiar?

If you’re in a similar confusing situation to Stacey, then do as she did and book your free review with Assured Wealth today. In less than an hour we can make things clear for you, so you’ll know exactly where you stand.

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