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    Financial Advisers Altrincham and Financial advisers Timperley are there to review your financial circumstances and come up with ways in which your money can be put to work. Here at Assured Wealth & Estate Planning Solutions, in partnership with Express Mortgages, we are able to connect you with an Altrincham Mortgage adviser or Timperley Mortgage advisor who will make buying your next property as efficient a process as possible – whilst making sure you get the right deal. Whether a first time buyer, a buy-to-let landlord or a home owner seeking to remortgage, we are here to help. Book a free mortgage review today by filling in the form on this page or call our friendly Timperley IFA and Altrincham IFA team on 0161 464 9122.

    First Time Buyers

    Your IFA Altrincham or IFA Timperley:

    • Uses the whole market – not just the providers that pay us
    • Walk you through the whole mortgage process, step-by-step
    • Act on your behalf and give a personal service.
    • Talk you through the application process
    • Advise you on mortgage payment protection.
    • Liaise with solicitors.
    • Stay on hand to answer future financial queries and remain in touch afterwards.

    Buy to Let

    Our trained Altrincham Mortgage Advisers and Timperley Mortgage advisers can help you with:

    • Identifying the lenders you qualify to access
    • Identifying the lenders that are easiest to deal with
    • Selecting the most cost-effective products
    • Choosing the right mortgage, taking your plans into account
    • Balancing your borrowings across your portfolio
    • Identifying if the mortgage is a regulated or unregulated contract


    Our adviser can help you by:

    • Finding the cheapest option – taking interest, fees and cashback into account.
    • Advising you on the lender’s service standards
    • Ensuring you meet the criteria that are set out by the lenders
    • Keeping you updated on mortgage products
    • Identifying your needs, and trawling the market for the most suitable product
    • Helping you understand the different mortgages
    • Recommending the best mortgage for your circumstances
    • Remaining on hand to ensure everything goes smoothly

    For more information on Assured Wealth and Estate Planning Solutions’ Financial Advice Altrincham or Financial advice Timperley – or for further details of any of the other services we provide, call us on 0161 464 9122.

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