Warrington Personal Retirement Planning

Warrington Personal Retirement Planning

Are you worried that you might not have enough retirement income when you retire? Like most of our clients, you want to make sure that you are doing the right thing, and that any savings plans you have are on track to give you the peace of mind you plan for when you stop working. This is where Warrington Retirement Planning comes in.

For the majority of people, worry about retirement income stems from being unable to forecast with any certainty how much money they will need to live on every month during their retirement. Will their savings allow them to travel, give monetary gifts to family members and still enjoy their life?

Warrington Retirement Planning

Warrington Retirement Planning

When it comes to Warrington retirement planning, our local Warrington financial advisers are fully qualified and trained to assist you in making plans for your retirement years. Our focus is different to most Warrington IFA firms: we believe you should put your hopes and aspirations for retirement first. We ask you to tell us what they are and work out what they could cost. Once we know this, we can analyse your financial plans and savings using the latest technology. This lets you know at the click of a button what your income will be like in the future. Most importantly, we can work out whether you will be able to enjoy the life you really want in retirement.

Pension Advice Warrington

Pension Advice Warrington

Booking your initial review with a Warrington retirement planning and Warrington financial planning specialist is easy. Assured Wealth will pay for the first meeting, and after that, you are under no obligation. An adviser meets with you at home, work or in our offices. The meeting can be held at a time and place that suits you. Simply call our team today on 01925 396122 and let us help you to make sense of your finances for retirement.

Are Annuities Still A Viable Option For Retirement Planning?

Are Annuities Still A Viable Option?

Annuities are retirement products that guarantee you with a regular income after you retire.

You choose a provider, pick an appropriate annuity to suit your needs and, in exchange for some or all of your pension savings, the annuity provides income until you die.

The use of annuities has declined markedly in recent years, with figures from the Association of British Insurers suggesting sales have fallen by as much as 80% since 2014.

Research from the Financial Conduct Authority reflects this trend, with year-on-year annuity sales down 16% in the six months to April 2017.

This is partly due to the fact that, following former chancellor George Osborne’s introduction of pension reforms in 2015, people now have more options when it comes to planning their retirement.

However, are annuities still a viable retirement planning option to consider in 2017?

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Inheritance Tax On Agricultural Property

Agricultural Property Relief
There is a specific relief that relates to certain agricultural property situated in the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and in the EEA (European Economic Area). Qualifying agricultural property can be passed without inheritance tax as a lifetime gift or upon death.

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Inheritance Tax On Property

Inheritance Tax On Property

Inheritance tax on property is to be paid if the taxable value of the estate (with any gifts made by the deceased added on if they were made in the seven years prior to their death) exceeds the nil rate band. The rate of inheritance tax on property is currently 40%.

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