With life expectancy increasing year on year and with the economy being the way it currently is, it’s becoming ever more important for people to start taking their retirement plans more seriously. Have you given much thought to your retirement plans recently? Did you know that the current life expectancy is now in the early 80s? It would be wise to think about how you’re going to afford everything after you retire.

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    A West Kirby IFA can help you with your retirement plans to ensure that you’re well prepared in your later life. Don’t worry, financial advisors aren’t just reserved for the six-figure earners, that’s a common misconception! Here at Assured Wealth and Estate Planning, we can connect you with a top West Kirby IFA so that you no longer have to worry about your retirement plans.

    When it comes to your retirement planning, it’s best to get it sorted as soon as possible. This is because it’s going to put you in a much better position as you’re going to have more time before your retirement.

    There are many different avenues that you can take with your retirement plans and you may even have old style pension schemes such as:
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    Since there are so many avenues which one can take, getting personal and tailored advice early is key.

    We understand that everyone’s income and financial situation isn’t the same, so we will connect you with a top West Kirby IFA who will adapt to your circumstances. Think your income is going to change in the forthcoming years? Interested in certain investment schemes? You can discuss all of this with your dedicated IFA and they are sure to give you the most personal and helpful advice so that you can really get the most from your retirement.



Whether we like it or not, money is an essential aspect of our lives; unfortunately there isn’t much a person can do unless they have a sizeable amount of funds. The majority of us go through life never really understanding how to properly manage our finances, but this no longer needs to be an issue when we can connect you with a top West Kirby Independent Financial Advisor (IFA).

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    A dedicated IFA can work with you to create certain plans and documents such as a cash flow management plan. A cash flow plan will outline your financial life up until your 100 years old (which is old enough for the most of us!). These are excellent plans that are well worth having, simply because they take a large number of factors into account such as increases and decreases in your income, things you want to do later on in your life (i.e. vacations), and even pitfalls such as the death of a family member.

    One of the most common misconceptions is that financial advisors are reserved solely for the rich and wealthy, and unfortunately this is something that holds a lot of people back from utilizing their services. We can safely say that IFAs are not just for the rich and wealthy, you can benefit from an IFA no matter what your income or financial situation looks like.

    Here at Assured Wealth and Estate Planning, we can connect with you a West Kirby Independent Financial Advisor who can look at your financial situation (no matter what it’s like!) and help you create a cash flow management plan and other types of plans. They’ll listen to what you have to say and tailor their services and advice to meet your requirements and financial situation.



For the vast majority of people, a home is the biggest purchase that they’ll ever make. With that being said, don’t you think it would be wise to get independent and personal mortgage advice from a professional financial advisor? This isn’t the only thing that you need to consider when it comes to mortgages though…

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    The UK mortgage market is constantly expanding and changing, new offers come onto the market constantly and with all of these sudden changes it’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed by what’s on offer. This is why it’s so important to get advice from a professional.

    Here at Assured Wealth and Estate Planning, we can connect you with a West Kirby IFA who will be able to give you independent advice regarding mortgages.

    When it comes to your mortgage, there are three key aspects that you need to take into consideration, these are:

    1. Repayment or Interest Only? – Interest only might seem like a great option as the monthly repayments are going to be a lot cheaper. However, you actually won’t be repaying any debt, you are simply paying the interest and you’ll still be required to pay back the initial loan amount at the end of the loan.

    2. Fixed or Variable Rate?
    – You can opt to choose either a fixed rate or variable rate mortgage. Fixed rate is generally best for those who don’t have a backup plan and need more stability. Variable rate is definitely a bit of a gamble, but you will decide which is the best option for you right now.

    3. The Duration of Your Mortgage
    – Opting for a longer term would mean that your monthly repayments are lower, but you’d also end up paying more interest. On the other hand, a shorter term would mean higher monthly payments but you’d pay less interest and have the mortgage paid out much sooner.

    As you can see, there is a lot to take into consideration and this is why it’s so important to use a West Kirby IFA.



Even though this isn’t something that many people take into consideration, your estate is extremely important and you should properly plan for how your assets and overall estate will be distributed amongst your friends and family members.

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    There really is no reason not to go through an estate planning process; considering that you don’t know if your friends and family members would even receive your assets if you don’t go through with the process.

    If you have assets that are in excess of £5,000 then you should make sure that you have gone through a proper estate planning process. We can connect you with a top West Kirby IFA so you can get this process completely as easily and conveniently as possible.

    Creating a will and going through the estate planning process isn’t as basic as you might think.  It’s actually quite extensive and you can include a lot of details in there about what you would like to happen with your estate when you are gone. You can nominate the people who you trust the most to carry out your will, and even appoint guardians for young children.

    As well as leave gifts and part of your estate to your family and loved ones, you can also make plans to limit the amount of inheritance tax that will be payable, property certain property that you own, and do much more.

    How would you feel if you family got into financial difficulties because you didn’t take the time to make a will and go through the estate planning process? There are an abundance of benefits that come with going through the whole process and it’s not as time-consuming or expensive as you might think.

    Contact Assured Wealth and Estate Planning today so that we can connect you with a professional West Kirby estate planner and give you peace of mind!


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