West Kirby Lasting Powers Of Attorney

West Kirby Lasting Powers Of Attorney
  • What is a West Kirby Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA)?
  • Why is it important to have an LPA?
  • How could life become difficult without it?

The law says that if you lose capacity due to injury or illness, then a court is put in charge of your personal affairs under a deputyship order. This is expensive for the family, and stressful as they lose control of your finances.

Imagine if your loved ones could not renew insurances; pay the bills; or even draw an income out of your hard-earned savings.

West Kirby Power Of Attorney

West Kirby Power of Attorney

The risk of losing the ability to manage your affairs increases as you get older. You want someone you trust to take care of your finances if you can not. A West Kirby Lasting Powers of Attorney review allows you to choose exactly who you want to manage your estate if you lose capacity.

Your attorney is authorised to make decisions on your behalf. They can manage your property and financial affairs, and assist with health and welfare matters relating to you.

A joint bank account is not enough to protect your money for your spouse. If a financial institution becomes aware that you have lost capacity, they will freeze your assets. Joint finances cannot be drawn on by your partner if that happens and so you need someone to be formally appointed. Would you like your family to have to apply to the court to get money that is rightfully theirs? It’s time to think about writing a West Kirby Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Lasting Powers Of Attorney West Kirby

Lasting Powers of Attorney West Kirby

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