West Kirby Will Planning

West Kirby Wills

Nothing is certain these days, but one thing is for sure: eventually we all will no longer be around. We know that day is going to come so why do so few of us have a valid will? Don’t put off West Kirby Will Planning for a rainy day. Those who understand what happens after a person’s death always make sure they have made a will. They know their estate does not just pass straight on to their loved ones every time. They know their family cannot sell assets until probate has been granted. They know that if there is no will in place, then letters of administration have to be applied for. They know that these are complicated and time-consuming processes – and that they are even more stressful for a family who has just lost a loved one.  Download our FREE Guide to wills today.

West Kirby Will Planning

West Kirby Will Planning

Our independent estate planners go over your West Kirby will planning with you in your home. You can choose if you want members of your family to be present or not. The meeting helps you to understand what your will needs to include. Our West Kirby IFA and West Kirby will planning advisors will work through your family tree and ensure every eventuality is covered.

We can also add a trust into your will. This can mitigate inheritance tax, can protect your children from being taken into care, and will ensure your home is not lost if your spouse remarries after you die.

Wills West Kirby

Wills West Kirby

Would your partner or spouse be able to cope if they lost your estate? How would they feel about that? If you do not make proper provision for them in your will; or if you do not make a will at all then they could miss out on what should be theirs.

Call our West Kirby estate planning specialists today, to book a FREE West Kirby financial planning review on 0151 601 5922.

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