What’s More Important: The Kids or The House?

The Challenge:

Family Trust Planning to protect your loved ones

Meet 40-year-old Paul. He lives in Warrington, North West, with his wife and two children. He’s a real family man, and through careful financial planning he has ensured his family have a safe financial future. Before seeking financial advice, one of his biggest desires in life was to be mortgage free at 50. He’d done plenty of retirement planning, but hadn’t really considered the opportunities available to him before then.

After sitting with a Financial Planner at Assured Wealth, he discovered he has an even bigger dream though. It’s a dream that he had written off as an impossible challenge. To help us build a financial plan for Paul, we sat with him and asked him a direct, yet essential question:

“If you could see your financial future, what would your dream be?”

To which he answered: 

“To create more unforgettable memories with the kids on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday, before they get too old.”

 Perfect. Now we knew how to develop a financial plan to make Paul’s dreams come true, and here’s how we did it…

Our Solution

We wanted to make this happen for Paul without the need for additional lending or loans, just as we do for all of our clients. So we sat with him and worked out a simple, yet life-changing mortgage calculation. His two children were 12 and 13, and he knew that turning 16 would be when their heads are turned to further education and adulthood. Before then though, through some focus on financial planning, we wanted to help him to make as many unforgettable memories, as he put it, as possible. So he took our advice, and decided to push his mortgage back four years, which meant he had enough aside to have three years worth of once-in-a-lifetime holidays with his family!

Ask yourself: What would your dreams be?

With a 10-minute chat with an Assured Wealth Financial Planner, your dreams could become in touching distance. So call us today or arrange a free meeting to get started. Call us today: 01925 396122.

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