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Arranging Altrincham will planning is not easy – the process following your death is not straightforward, as anyone who has lost a loved one will know, and it is easy to become confused or to expect that your wishes will be followed without making a will, Unfortunately this is not the case, and the right time is NOW to contact an Altrincham IFA and make sure your family will be looked after in the event of your death. Without a will your collectables (or “chattels”) and other belongings – your house, your motor vehicles and any savings and investments in your name may not be shared out to those you expect.

A will is an extremely important document, in that it allows another person (the executor) to ensure that your wishes are met after your death. A properly planned and valid will, that has been kept up to date, can have a number of different benefits, including: reducing the amount of inheritance tax that your loved ones will have to pay after you have passed on; avoiding expensive and lengthy legal claims that may be made against your estate; making sure that all family members are treated fairly – especially in the event of a child dying before you when you wish for your money to remain within your own bloodline. The people to whom you intend to leave money or belongings are known as beneficiaries.

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A will is a list of how your belongings will be divided after your death. Your money or belongings are divided up with each beneficiary being granted either and amount or a percentage or your assets. In addition, the legal guardianship of any children under 16 can be stated to avoid them being taken care of by social services. Without this document, you could die intestate and through the drawn out legal process of intestacy may find that your money goes to people you did not expect, or want to have a share. Matters can become extremely confused in the event of a subsequent marriage by your partner, with your children not always being automatically next in line.

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A valid and up to date will is extremely important, so is it not time for you to contact an Altrincham estate planning specialist today, to book your FREE appointment with an Altrincham IFA? Call on 0161 464 9122

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