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It is very important to take the right decision when you are arranging Knutsford Will Planning. The probate process that happens after the death of a loved one can be extremely confusing for those who are unfamiliar with legal jargon, and you will most likely find yourself in need of the services of a Knutsford IFA to untangle the mess of chattels (collectables) as well as the other belongings such as your home, car, money – both your savings and investments. Taken together, all of these items form your “estate” after your death.

A will is an essential document for any person with assets worth more than the value of £5,000 – this is because anything greater than this value after your death is dealt with under the system of Probate. Your loved ones will not have anything passed to them until the executors of your will have been issued with a document called a “Grant of Probate” which allows houses to be sold on, and savings and investments passed onto your beneficiaries.

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As well as a list of which people are given which assets, the will also acts as a kind of letter to your family after your death. It will nominate a proportion or amount of money to go to each person, but can also nominate who will be responsible for taking care of any children under 16 – their legal guardians. It is also possible to incorporate a trust – this lets you manage inheritance tax, protect children and ensure that if your partner remarries after you have died that your children’s inheritance is not affected. Without a valid will (if you ‘die intestate’), the law states that your estate is shared out by a system called intestacy. It is not guaranteed that your spouse and children will receive what you intend unless it is clearly and formally laid out in a will. Even worse, your children could end up being handed to social services without an appropriate plan for their guardianship.

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It is clear, then, just how important a valid and up to date will can be, so don’t hesitate: contact a Knutsford estate planning specialist today and book your FREE review with your Knutsford IFA on 01565 817122

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