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Don’t put off making a will. You may feel young and healthy now, but there is no better time to begin to plan for the future of your loved ones. Don’t let your belongings (chattels) such as your motor vehicles, the home in which you live, and your money, whether in the form of savings in the bank or a series of investments fall into the wrong hands after you have died, by making it clear now who you wish them to be passed onto, and how you wish for them to be split between each one of your family members. Without Wilmslow Will Planning from a specialist Wilmslow IFA then your wishes may not be acted upon in the event of your death.

Your will is one of the most important legal documents that will ever be drawn up for you. It nominates people called executors, who are responsible for acting on the instructions that you have set out after you have died. Your will must not only be planned properly and valid, but also must be kept meticulously up to date. A well written will allows you to potentially reduce the inheritance tax burden on your family, mitigating the risk of legal claims being made against your estate because of a lack of clarity, and making sure that everyone is treated in a fair and appropriate way – especially if one of your children passes away before you, which can complicate the legal process and end up with your belongings leaving your bloodline.

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In your will, you will set out how your assets will be divided up amongst the beneficiaries (the people to whom you will leave items or money). Each person can be granted either an a specific amount of money, or a proportion of your estate. You also nominate the future legal guardians for children that have not yet reached their sixteenth birthday, so they do not end up in the hands of the Social Services. Without a valid and up to date will, you will be deemed to have “died intestate”, and the intestacy process can result in a lengthy, drawn out legal battle between your family.

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There is no better time than today to start to think about making and maintaining a valid and up to date will. Call your Wilmslow estate planning specialists today,and make a FREE appointment to speak to a Wilmslow IFA on 01625 839511.



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